February 24: Entrepreneur Bartosz Pniewski also known as “HighBart” is one of the most famous Social Media sensations from Poland. This wizard entrepreneur is one of the most popular Instagram Fashion Influencer and the CEO of FashionCompany Soto Store, Berlin. He has more than 107k followers on instagram. He also owns a YouTube channel with over 68k subscribers.

Maverick Entrepreneur HighBart has led a journey from rags to riches without any support, he knows the importance of guidance and this is the reason why he has started to give back to the people what they have given him. With his amazing Fashion brand Soto Store he has been setting fashion trends throughout the world in recent years. Bartosz Pniewski believes that being an entrepreneur or influencer sounds very fascinating but it is actually a tough job. You need to come up with good content on a daily basis and you need to act very righteously in your daily routines. If anything goes south then it can critically damage your following. The road to being rich and famous is a tough one but even tougher is to be there at the top for a long time.

HighBart’a instagram is quite active on his Instagram and frequently shares many posts and videos for his community. He often sports stylish clothes in his pictures which are loved by his followers. Also his YouTube has quality content which justifies his more than 40 lakh views. Even after such success, Entrepreneur Bartosz Pniewski never felt over confident and there has never been even a slight superiority complex within him. He believes in doing better at everything in his life. “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Says Bartosz Pniewski.

The life and career success story of Bartosz Pniewski inspires all youngsters to improve themselves, pull up their socks and get ready to hit your target in life. Ace Entrepreneur Bartosz Pniewski is a believer of strict discipline and conduct, he says – “Success in any field is directly proportional to the amount of dedication you are ready to offer for it.”