YouTube Star Jake Paul Accused of Looting, Claims He Documented

YouTube star Jake Paul was spotted last night in Scottsdale, Arizona’s Fashion Square. But Paul says he was there to document, not to steal tennis shoes and other stuff. Earlier he had released a video of his story with Instagram protests when police officers threw tear gas at him. Paul gave the video a subtitle: America is in ruins and what we can do. Later he wrote a selfish statement that tear gas came out of my eyes. YouTube has written a long explanation of why it was looted.

Jake Paul was spotted on social networking sites in Scottsdale’s fashion district when looters destroyed P.F. Chung. He posed for photos with a number of fans and was seen walking in the destroyed shopping mall. Although YouTuber is not visible on the camera involved in the looting, he has been accused by many social networks. He should have said that back.

It is clear that neither I nor anyone from our group has been involved in any form of theft or vandalism. In terms of context, we spent the day contributing to a peaceful demonstration, one of the worst injustices ever seen in our country, which led to the use of tear gas to film events and atrocities in Arizona. They threw gas at us and let us walk. We filmed everything we saw and tried to share our experiences and draw more attention to the anger we felt in every area; we documented it strictly speaking without recording it.
I don’t approve of violence, looting and breaking the law, but I understand the anger and frustration that have led to the destruction we have experienced, and while that is not the answer, it is important that people acknowledge this and together understand how to move forward in a healthy way. We all do our best to be useful and to increase awareness; this is not the time to attack each other, but to unite and develop.

Although Jake Paul is not involved in the thefts, his fans, as well as other people on social networks, have urged him to do so. While Paul is walking, people break windows and steal everything that hasn’t been nailed down. Jake Paul has a 19 million dollar network and a huge platform consisting mainly of children. He flew in here while others were being torn and beaten up? One of the Twitter users wrote that Jake Paul + his other rich white friends deserved some attention with him. There’s no evidence that Paul was looting, but his name was in the social media trends, so assumptions were made.

AT&T, Crate & Barrel, Neiman Marcus and the Apple Store are some of the other stores that were destroyed and looted last night at Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona. The damage has yet to be assessed, but it will probably be in the millions of dollars. Maybe Jake will give Paul to the mall to get him back on the roster. You can read Jake Paul’s apology on Twitter below.

– Jake Paul (@jakepaul) 31. May 2020

YouTube-star Jake Paul and his friends were caught last night looting and seizing properties in the Scottsdale Mall amid protests on

– Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) 31. May 2020.

Jake Paul has $19 million and a huge rig consisting mostly of children, and he flies here while others get tear gas and get hit? Fuck you, he really doesn’t suck.

– Dani BLM (@LOVERSHSLOT) 31. May 2020

As an online celebrity robbing a mall, it’s important to capture the black life movement – that’s exactly what I expected from Jake Paul today.

– ImAllexx (@ImAllexx) 31. May 2020.

Damn, Evan Logan wouldn’t be so stupid.

– not suitable for the design (@TrainerLuke1621) 31. May 2020.

– Emma (@originalemz) 31. May 2020

Blacks are literally arrested for looting during these demonstrations, but Jake Paul is a white man who puts him in a fashionable place on all social networks, and nothing is done. WHAT?

– Quarantine Clinic ✨ (@okvixky) 31. May 2020.

Is Eve Jake Paul in my condition?

– Arrocuda (@arrokudatime) 31. May 2020

Let us know how whites record our peaceful demonstrations for their own amusement. It has not escaped my notice that during this global pandemic many of these people are using it as a personal stimulant and adrenaline. It’s really disgusting.

– Mil (@bebegatexo) 30. May 2020

White people wanting to protest, LIST to BLACK people. WHEN YOU TELL THEM TO STOP DESTROYING PROPERTY! TO STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY. You’re catching a move that doesn’t belong to us! !! You must protect the blacks!

– (@8bitvamp) 30. May 2020

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