The IT company is dedicated to helping organizations utilize the potential of cloud-based platforms 

January 31: Cloud Odyssey, a strategic business consulting partner with its headquarters in London, the Center of Excellence team Bangalore, and ongoing operations in Texas, was founded by Suresh Goli to extend his passion for maximizing the potential of cloud-based platforms. The company helps clients around the world implement Salesforce, MuleSoft, and eCommerce solutions based on their specific needs and preferences. The firm also provides personalized data migration services to clients hailing from different domains.

Cloud Odyssey was launched by Suresh Goli as an attempt to maximize the potential of cloud-based platforms like Salesforce and MuleSoft. Starting out as a Salesforce developer, Mr. Goli has used his expertise to provide Salesforce implementation services to several businesses. Significant experience in the IT industry allowed him to understand the inherent needs of the clients and the evolving trends in the market around the world.

In order to leverage his expertise as a Salesforce professional, Suresh Goli earned the title of a certified Salesforce Domain Architect. The certification provided him with an official stamp of approval from Salesforce for his skills and capabilities as a Salesforce professional. This also helped him hone his technical craftsmanship in Salesforce to devise the best ways of using the CRM platform.

While working in the IT industry as a developer and architect providing Salesforce solutions, Mr. Goli realized that the potential of Salesforce and a range of other cloud-based platforms can be maximized. At the onset of the “age of digitization”, he believed that a lot can be done in the realm of Salesforce development and implementation to provide tailor-made solutions to organizations of all scales. He was willing to multiply the knowledge gained over years of training and work to bring a positive impact on the Salesforce ecosystem.

His intention to provide holistic and modernized IT solutions to the clients and his market acumen made Mr. Goli set up Cloud Odyssey. The company was launched to provide personalized Salesforce and MuleSoft solutions to organizations operating at all scales and belonging to all major industries. In the realm of Salesforce, Mr. Goli ensures that businesses are provided with services like Salesforce development, integration, adoption, and app development that help them thrive in their respective industries. Cloud Odyssey helps businesses operating at all scales implement Salesforce Customer 360 to provide them with the functionalities of multiple Salesforce offerings, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud.

The company’s MuleSoft services are dedicated to facilitating seamless integration of applications, devices, and data according to the business needs of the clients.

Over time, Suresh Goli started providing data migration services to his clients through Cloud Odyssey. The company now helps clients migrate their data from legacy platforms to Salesforce, between different Salesforce org, and from Salesforce to suitable external platforms. Through Cloud Odyssey, Mr. Goli aims at using his impeccable knowledge of the Salesforce platform for providing personalized data migration solutions to companies around the world.

To improve the speed and efficiency of his team of 54 members, Suresh Goli has set up a Center of Excellence – a department dedicated to enhancing the skills of new as well as experienced Salesforce professionals, fine-tuning their understanding of the CRM platform, and providing them with a holistic view of the Salesforce ecosystem. Owing to the recent resource crunch in the field of Salesforce development, businesses are finding it difficult to engage with professionals that are equipped with the latest skills and technologies to work on their projects. Considering this issue, the Center of Excellence nurtures employees that are passionate and driven towards learning the art and craft of Salesforce and MuleSoft implementation.

With Cloud Odyssey, Mr. Goli is willing to help SMEs and non-technical users with robust IT solutions. He says, “The purpose of technology is to enhance people’s lives and simplify the activities they perform. We no longer live in a world where IT jargon is too difficult for everyone to understand. Platforms like Salesforce and MuleSoft have found applications for everyone, irrespective of the technical skills they possess. Through Cloud Odyssey, we are willing to use the knowledge gained while working for high-end enterprises for helping small and medium organizations undertake complicated processes in a simplified manner. We are lucky to have members who are genuinely passionate about the work they do and are willing to bring about a positive change in the global IT ecosystem.”