January 29: In their journey, every entrepreneur faces multiple challenges and opportunities, whether they are an individual or a team.

The young entrepreneur from Jammu, Siddharth Bhan, graduated in Computer Science and runs a successful digital marketing agency today. The combination of his passion for technology and deep understanding of client needs has enabled him to build a successful agency serving clients in a variety of sectors and countries. He discusses how he transitioned from being a freelancer to owning his own digital marketing agency and shares his experiences.

“The path to success is different for every entrepreneur. In their journey, every entrepreneur faces multiple challenges and opportunities, whether they are an individual or a team. Digital is the need of the market, and it is here to stay.”, says Siddharth. 

Operating a multi-faceted media business like Wiremonster gives you a “whole of market” perspective. What are the three areas of digital growth you believe are most promising at the moment?  What are the best 3 things you have learnt about digital marketing?

Quite a big question! It is challenging to pinpoint the most important aspect of running a business. I believe, however, that data, content, and technology together have grown to become increasingly significant for all companies. The reason for that is very simple: new trends in digital marketing are changing the way businesses trade every day, and marketers need to keep up with those changes.

After almost a year and a half, I can say that data, content, and technology will continue to be key factors in how marketers target audiences. I’ve learnt that when done right, digital marketing is a powerful way to reach customers, tell your story, and grow your business.

Which services do you offer, and what are your clients most interested in?

We care about our clients and the contacts we make with them. So once a client has signed with us, we make sure to remember that connection for the long run. We use a robust marketing process based on the rules: Start Small and Measure, Learn, Adapt.

With a 76% increase in ad-post engagements on social platforms and following a unique strategy, we know how to find the right audience for a business. Additionally, as part of developing a strategy for our clients, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the competition to identify opportunities for our clients.

We offer everything you need to succeed with marketing, growth hacking with organic methods, paid ads, sales funnels, influencer networks etc. i.e everything marketing.

It is a demanding job, so what inspires you to get out of bed each day and find the energy?

Our industry offers the most exciting possibilities, and as a result, we gain valuable experience and knowledge. We get to work on the most exciting projects, and we have access to great opportunities, so it keeps me thriving for more.

Give us a little background on how the idea for Wiremonster came into your mind and what is your mission?

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. It has become imperative for all businesses to have a digital marketing strategy, from competing on search engines to showing up consistently on social media. WireMonster does just that.

Having the idea to start an agency simmered in the back of my mind for a long time. Yet, It was not until I met my business partner that I took the plunge.

WireMonster’s team helps brands connect with customers digitally. The startup’s mission is to help businesses reach the right audiences and create stellar brand experiences. Our goal is to help small businesses and startups prosper in a competitive market by maximizing their investment in online branding.

I recommend being authentic and not being afraid of communicating with your audiences, as this is what will carry your brand forward.
How do you see the business growing in the next 3-5 years?

Our marketing services division is growing rapidly, and we plan to expand into five more countries by the end of the year.

Additionally, we are working on a new travel startup StayTales, because we love to travel and want to help other explorers enjoy their stays when they travel. With more than 1,000 influencers and 700 homestays on our platform, we curate travel experiences. Our aim is to uplift those small-scale stays that are unable to aggressively promote themselves.

How did you like the last book you read? And one you would recommend…

Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Digital Distraction was the last book I read and is highly recommended.

My favourite, though, still has to be Digital Marketing 2020 as each chapter provides a valuable insight into how concepts have changed and how methods have improved as the years have passed.

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