Pune, August 27: An expert and certified career counselor for international studies at India to International, a leading career counseling firm in Pune, predicts a 25 per cent increase in the number of applicants opting to study MBBS abroad compared to 2020. The number of applications for the exam NEET-UG received by NTA since its launch in 2017 has increased every year. This year we are seeing the same trend with students. The most significant factor that worries an applicant is the competition. From this year, the Government of India has decided to introduce 27% OBC reservation (Non-Creamy Layer) and 10% EWS reservation for 15% graduate seats (UG) in All India Quota (MBBS/BDS) (provided by states/UTs on Central Pool). Applicants who want to pursue MBBS studies in government institutions or at Pvt Institutions where the fee is affordable will face stiffer competition for these seats. Ultimately, some will not make it, and some will succeed. We have grown fond of those who fail to make it year after year, and we genuinely feel sorry for these families. These days, the NEET – UG exam has become a family affair. Everyone in the family of NEET aspirants is making sacrifices in one way or the other. India to International Counselors understands this severe problem for those who fail to make it. We want to educate all the candidates and their parents through this article that this is not the end of the road; we are among the dedicated professionals who help students with personal, emotional, and psychological problems while they try to pursue their dream careers. India to International is aware of this bitter reality that money is a crucial factor in the world and our times. As bad as it may sound, sometimes people have to compromise on their choice of studies if they cannot afford it. At India to International, our counselors motivate candidates and make them understand that while the money factor may influence their career choice, it should not be the only factor that makes them abandon their dream journey midway. If they are willing to put in the effort and make some minor adjustments, such as living far away from their hometown, they can still dream of becoming a successful doctor.

As a company, we offer admission to the best world-class universities around the world at Affordable Budget. Why does India International promote MBBS to study abroad? Firstly, the fee structure at universities abroad is very affordable compared to many Pvt Medical College or Deemed Universities in India. The universities we offer are mainly Govt. Universities in Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Italy, Hungary, etc. Secondly, unlike in India, Universities/Institutes abroad provide students with state-of-the-art facilities for a holistic educational experience. Thirdly, universities have top-notch faculty members and offer internationally recognized degrees to the students to make a name for themselves in their field across the globe. Universities and colleges abroad also provide students with the highest level of security to feel at home in a foreign country. Fourth, many state universities abroad use English as the primary language of instruction and communication at medical schools to attract international students.

However, applicants should note that it is always an advantage to be proficient in the local language. Exposure of the research opportunities available to students in foreign universities is far greater than in India, even at the undergraduate level. Since the medical industry is global and well-connected, an MBBS graduate from abroad is not just limited to his home country but can also apply for various PG courses or entrance exams. What do we do? What is our mission? We take great care to offer college to different applicants, considering their learning style, budget, aptitude, and individual suitability for the weather. We also educate students on the importance of being aware that course durations vary from country to country. We also advise students on the choice of course based on duration and give them insights into the differences between a 4, 5, or 6-year MBBS program abroad with or without internships in India and abroad. We also ensure that all candidates choose the right accredited college. The NExT exam will be implemented in 2023 for Indian MBBS graduates and foreign medical graduates applying for licensure in India. We have Exclusive Tie-Ups with various reputed Indian Faculties /speakers, which will prepare our students for the NExT exam at the beginning of the fourth year. For more information on MBBS admission abroad, NExT exam, and Alumni support.

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“Behind every fine doctor, there is always a Sacrifice.”