Dr. Nitika Sobti and Sister BK Shivani emphasized the importance of the pregnancy period in shaping the mental and emotional well-being of both mother and child in the workshop

Delhi NCR (India), May 28: In celebration of Mother’s Day, Dr. Nitika Sobti and Sister BK Shivani hosted an impactful event titled, “Create Your Child’s Personality Within the Womb.” The event highlighted how pregnancy is more than a physical journey; it is also a transformative emotional and spiritual experience, influencing the future personality of the unborn child.

Pregnancy is a time of immense change, affecting the body, mind, and soul. For many women, it’s also an opportunity for deep spiritual reflection and connection. Dr. Nitika Sobti, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, and Founder of Virtue Baby, emphasized that pregnancy is a powerful period to connect with something greater than ourselves, shaping the mental and emotional well-being of both mother and child.

The event was attended by over 400 parents and dignitaries from various sectors. The central theme was educating expecting parents on how to nurture their baby’s personality before birth, Drawing from the ancient wisdom of Garbh Sanskar. This traditional practice, modernized by Dr. Sobti, involves prenatal development techniques, fetal psychology, and spiritual bonding.

Sister BK Shivani, Teacher & Spiritual Guide, shared insights on the importance of how expectant parents can influence their child’s emotional resilience with a positive mindset and high-vibrational speech. “The Parenting Mantra is straightforward: ‘Just BE what you want your child to be.’ Consuming spiritual content, practicing meditation, and adhering to holistic lifestyle can empower mothers to instill the right Sanskaras in their children,” she said.

During the session, Dr. Sobti stressed on the importance of nurturing the soul during pregnancy, highlighting how the mental well-being of parents can impact the lifelong health of their children. “This soul is not just a potential being; it is a living, growing entity that absorbs everything from the mother. The thoughts she thinks, the emotions she feels, and the spiritual practices she engages in all contribute to the foundational health and personality of her child,” she explained.

Health Benefits of Holistic Prenatal Care

Highlighting how the mental well-being of parents, particularly during the transformative period of pregnancy, can have a profound impact on their child’s lifelong health, Dr. Sobti explained that positive mental health practices can lead to lower risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other metabolic syndromes in their children, underscoring the crucial nature of this formative time. “The foundation for a healthy life, including reduced risks of chronic illnesses, is laid during these precious months,” she explained.

Inspiring Stories 

Dr. Sobti also shared testimonies from her own practice, recounting experiences where mindful and spiritually-aware pregnancies led to remarkable outcomes for both mother and child. She spoke of mothers who—through meditation, positive affirmations, and a supportive environment—gave birth to healthy, emotionally-resilient and spiritually-attuned children.

Dr. Sobti and Sister Shivani provided valuable advice on prenatal bonding and the significance of ancient practices in modern times. It included practical sessions on meditation, visualization, and other spiritual techniques that expecting parents can use to positively influence their unborn child’s personality. 

Dr. Sobti concluded, “It is essential to understand that the mindset you cultivate during these months of pregnancy is not just about preparing for the birth of a child, but about shaping the very essence of who they will become. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are powerful tools that can positively influence your child’s physical health, emotional resilience, and spiritual growth.”

About Virtue Baby 

Virtue baby stands for holistic care of a mother’s thoughts and feelings that create hormones which are responsible for baby’s overall physical and emotional development and a long-lasting effect on the child’s personality. We recognize that pregnancy and childbirth are amongst the most significant events in a woman’s life. Virtue Baby aims at partnering with all aspiring mothers and young women on this marvelous journey of pregnancy and makes it as easy and smooth as possible for them.

Our Mission is inculcating virtues into our lifestyle; so that all the anxieties and negativities that surrounds and influences us, dissolves forming a positive outlook towards life and appreciates the blissful phase of pregnancy. For more information, visit virtuebaby.in 

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