Telangana Congress leaders in house arrest, scuttled visit to project sites-India news

Hundreds of congressional leaders in Telangan were arrested, and many others, including MPs and the PLO, were placed under house arrest on Saturday by police in various parts of the state because they planned to visit several irrigation projects built on the Godawari River as part of their Jala Dixha program.

According to a schedule announced by the Telangana Pradesh State Congress Committee (TSCC), state and district leaders would visit several project sites on the Godawari River in northern Telangan and draw attention to their statements on corruption in the implementation of the project.

CCP President N Uttam Kumar Reddy, Sangareddi OMS T Jaiprakash Reddy and MLK T Jiva Reddy were to travel to Tummidihatti on the banks of the Godawari River in the Adilabad district. Many others were commissioned to visit several other project locations such as Dummugudem, Guravelli, Yellampalli Sridpada Sagar, Upper Manaira Dam, Devadula Project and Bhimpalli Project.

However, the police arrested several managers before they could visit the project sites and held them in guest quarters.

CCP leader Malla Bhatti Wikramarka was placed under house arrest in Vira in the Hammam district, while interim CCP leader Revant Reddy was prevented from leaving his home in Jubili Hills, Hyderabad, when police rammed his house with cars. Jagga Reddy, Jay Kusum Kumar and Wamshichand Reddy were also placed under house arrest in Hyderabad.

Jivan Reddy was arrested in Jagitiala on his way to Tummidihatti, and Ponnam Prabhakar was arrested at the office of the Syrchilla Congress Party. Only Sampat Kumar managed to reach the Guravelli reservoir before he was arrested.

Bhadrachalam’s UMS Podem Veraya was also arrested on its way to the Sitaramasagar project, while Moulug’s UMS Anasuya, alias Setakka, was placed under house arrest in Muluga.

In an interview with journalists this afternoon in Hyderabad, CCP leader Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the SRT government is unleashing a regime of terror in the state, while Prime Minister Chandrasekhar Rao is misleading the state with false claims and empty promises.

The head of the DRC called the DRC’s claims about the irrigation projects a lie and said that DRC leaders would only visit the project sites to denounce the government’s claims. We are not allowed to visit the project sites under the pretext of the Covida 19 pandemic, although we visited them individually, strictly following the guidelines of Covida 19, he said.

He called back the police on 2. In addition, on 16 June Congress arrested some of its leaders who were planning to visit irrigation projects on the Krishna River. The CRC administration ignored projects already initiated by previous congressional agencies and started new projects in the name of the reorganization, just because of the corruption, Reddy said.

The leader of the CSC said that some police officers are being used by the TCS leadership to suppress the opposition. We didn’t expect democracy to be trampled underfoot in the new state of Telangan, he said.

He wanted to know why the police remain silent while the Prime Minister, his son Rama Rao and other ministers meet in public in contravention of Covida-19’s instructions.

Why do they only keep the congressional leadership, when we’ve given assurances that we’ll adhere strictly to social distance and other rules? He asked.

The head of CSC said he would discuss the matter with Governor Tamilisai Sundarajan and the state police. We will also take legal action against the state government, he said.