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India-born scientists in the USA discovered a segmentation method in CXR images for covid affected patients.

Read Time:2 Minute, 27 Second New Delhi, December 10: The Covid Infection 2019 (Coronavirus) pandemic is a continuous worldwide pandemic that has guaranteed a large number of lives till date. Identifying Coronavirus and detaching impacted patients at a beginning phase is significant to contain its fast spread. Albeit exact, the essential viral test ‘Reverse Transcription Polymerase […]

Meet 10 Leaders who make India a Global Bright Spot

Read Time:8 Minute, 30 Second Mumbai, December 08: The Corporate world in India has always been a breeding ground for thought-provoking leaders who have ruled the business world in India and are hugely responsible for the success of prominent Indian companies globally. Even the new and ultra-impressive entrepreneurs have shown the same zeal and potential […]

The husband-and-wife duo built a complete health solution to fight micronutrient deficiency in India

Read Time:3 Minute, 42 Second The award-winning dietician and fitness enthusiast duo Dr. Rekha and Saurabh Kolkata, India, December 06: The award-winning dietician and fitness enthusiast duo of Dr. Rekha and Saurabh have started an innovative health solution called InstaEats, India’s first natural micronutrient snack for daily nutrition and wellness. The foundation of InstaEats was laid […]

Madhavbaug to conduct ‘Vishwaveda’ to highlight Ayurveda’s unique strength

Read Time:1 Minute, 39 Second  Mumbai, December 06: With an aim to showcase the effectiveness of Ayurveda treatment and therapies, ‘Madhavbaug’ a specialist in treating and reversing cardiovascular, and metabolic disorders through its scientific evidence-based Ayurveda, will conduct a self-video film festival ‘Vishwaveda’ exclusively for the practitioners of this ancient healthcare system. “There is a […]

42nd AROICON 2022: Call for Affordable, Accessible & Successful Cancer Treatment in India

Read Time:2 Minute, 6 Second New Delhi, December 05: Association of Radiation Oncologists held its 42nd Annual Conference ‘AROICON’ on the theme ‘Personalising Isodoses, Curing Lives’ at ‘The Manekshaw Centre’, New Delhi, between 1st to 4th December 2022. Member of Parliament- Dr. Anil Jain, National Director, Ayush – Raghunath Rao, Dr Rajesh Vashishth, President AROI […]

Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Top 8 Cancer Specialists Advices on how Smoking Increases the Risk of Cancer

Read Time:5 Minute, 48 Second December 03: Lung cancer is usually associated with smoking and an older person’s disease, but it also affects young non smokers especially post pandemic. According to health experts, a healthy diet, regular exercise and stress-relieving activities can assist individuals in coping with the negative effects of cancer treatment and the […]