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May 18: We may not know Sachin Tendulkar if he did not have Guru Achrekar with him. There are many similar children but they do not get desired success because they do not get the support from their teacher. Parents spend lakhs to admit their children in big coaching and schools in hope of getting good teacher but institutes only work towards increasing crowd and collect money but do not make results. Coaching institutes are deprived of good teachers, they run on big advertisements, forging results and claims. Teacher are able to teach a handful of topics properly.

It’s a bitter truth that coaching institutes and not making student’s results but toppers and making result of coachings.  Amongst thousands student coaching are making names because of the topper students and expanding their business. If that was not the case just think why would coachings need to have scholarship exams, reach out student’s home and schools to get admissions. Coachings do sweet talkings to parents and increase crowds and later students lag in not just competitive exams but school exams as well. Everyone knows that Coachings institutes pay big amounts to buy results. Big Institutes are giving commission to schools to steal money from parents. Nowadays giving coaching in schools is trending but there also results are missing. Such institute close down in some time.

We need to understand that big city, big coaching or big name do not make results. Results are made by coordination between students and teachers. If in reality you are looking for good teacher and expect good results and overall development, then send your children to honest and experienced teacher far from home who will work hard for getting good results for your children.

Industrial area of M.P. has such school and coaching where for last 25 years IIT-JEE All India 243rd rank holder Lalit Sardana sir instead of depending on any other faculty is teaching physics, chemistry and mathematics and Dr. Sweta Sardana is teaching biology. They have not opened any other branch for greed and they dedicate their complete time to school and coaching students. Here you will not find any show off or luxurious campus but you can see results being made. Your children’s results will be far better at Sardana than any other place, Students and parents both say that all schools and coaching are on one side and Sardana sir is on other side. Students from all over country come here to get guidance and success.

No compromise with Discipline

Post Corona due to online classes a lot of students addiction to mobile games, social networking sites, porn etc. is increasing a lot. A bitter truth is that students in big coaching, hostels in big cities and schools get involved in bad company and spoil their future. Students their not only loose their life discipline lie but become victim of mobile, porn, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc.

Opposite to this, at Sardana discipline is given utmost importance. Student in hostel must follow all the rules. Management does not hesitate to take strict actions against the students who do not follow the rules or make the environment of hostel polluted. It is clear that one rotten mango will spoil all other mangoes in the basket which is why students who repeatedly break the rules are rusticated from the hostel.

Each day’s 24 hours schedule is predefined. All attention is paid towards all round development of the students. Lalit Sardana Sir and Dr. Shweta Sardana Madam stay at the school and hostel A.C. compound as the local guardians of the hostelers.

Student show great improvement in few days after being sent to Sardana. Parents become peaceful after learning that their children are away from household noise, city glare, social networking sites, mobile and other unnecessary things.

Along with Board exams top ranks and most selection percentage in competitive exams

Coachings in big cities achieve only 5 to 1 percentage of selections and a bitter truth is that 15 to 20 percentage of students of these institutes fail in board exams. How is possible that students are not able to pass simple board exams due to tough competitive exams. Students of big coachings join tutions outside for school examinations. Big coaching institutes are making children dummy students which spoils both board and competitive exams.

As opposed to that Sardana sir has achieved expertise in both board and competitive exams, which is why the students are along with board exams are achieving most selection percent and top ranks. Not just JEE and NIIT but along with that they are getting success in NDA, CLAT, CA and CM foundation along with preparation of UPSC.

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Located in Dewas, 40 minutes away from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore and Ujjain and 2 hours from Bhopal,  for admission in Sardana’s “Sardana International Institute (SIS)”, “Sardana World School (SWS)”, “Sardana Public School (SPS)”, “Sardana IAS Academy” and  “Sardana Tutorial”  call at 9993431042 or WhatsApp.

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