SP, journalist injured as migrant workers, is rampaging in Rajkot.

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Update : 17. May 2020 10:41:47

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In a video that went viral, television journalist Hardyk Joshi saw the mafia being beaten with sticks. (screenshot)

Raikot rural police chief Balram Mina, a journalist, and three policemen were injured after a group of migrant workers were attacked in Shaparo Veraval, a suburb of Raikot City, after the postponement of the special Shramik trains on Sunday. Police report that 29 people have been arrested in connection with the violence, although the Indian Railways have not refused any trains leaving Rajkot to change his schedule.

Sandeep Singh, Police Deputy Inspector General at the shooting Rajkot range, said three Rajkot trains were due to leave on Sunday to transport migrant workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to their home areas. These trains were supposed to leave at 18, 21 and 12 o’clock. While two trains would leave for Bihar, another would go to UP and about 4,800 migrant workers would leave for their home country. According to the DIG, on Sunday morning a thousand workers gathered on the grounds of the marshall school, a gathering point in Shapar-Veraval, an IHR group on the outskirts of Raikot. Police said that the renovation of the train has been handed over to the workers, but some of them have already reached the pick-up point. Several workers who were not registered for the Sunday excursion also gathered on the site.

While some understood that the trains had been moved, others misunderstood that they had been cancelled. Several workers who had not signed up for the Sunday trains also gathered there and committed violence. They tried to block the main road (27) and also threw stones at the police. The journalist who reported the incident was also attacked by the Mafia. The Rajkot Rural District Sergeant was also injured by stones, while three other police officers were seriously injured, Singh said at a press conference.

In the viral videos, TV journalist Hardick Joshi is spotted by the beaten mafia bosses. The journalist was also reportedly stripped of his camera and several private cars were destroyed. Most of the assembled workers were silent and only a few were involved in acts of violence. So the police used reasonable force and the crowd was dispersed within 15-20 minutes, Singh continued.

According to the DIG, 25 people and a crowd of 150 to 200 people were arrested for attempted murder, police assault, theft, riot and damage to public property. We’ve arrested 29 people in connection with this violence. Some of them got off the train with the migrant workers, Singh said.

Some 40,000 migrant workers work for the IHR in Shapar Verawal, and a police officer said the train for the UP eventually left at 5pm.

The director general of the police, Gujarat Sivanand Yes, also said that the violence occurred after the train was cancelled and urged migrant workers to be patient: The state government had taken measures to help migrants reach their homes safely by using special trains. Workers must not panic and must cooperate with the authorities. In addition to special trains, there are also buses to ensure your safe return. Since it takes some time to obtain permission from other states, it is important that migrants remain patient. If they break the law, they are threatened with harsh measures. In Raikot, a case was registered against several migrant workers who attacked police officers and media after a train to take them home was cancelled, according to an official statement quoted by the DGP.

According to the GUGI, a dozen special trains are already being used to transport migrants. Twelve trains for migrant workers working in rural Rajkot have already started, with some 4,800 additional workers scheduled to travel on three trains on Sunday, Singh added.

The Rajkot department of the Western Railway rejected the claim that the special Shramik trains, which were to leave Rajkot on Sunday, had been postponed. No train has been moved. We’ve started all the scheduled trains… From Rajkot there was a train to Balangir (in Odysh) at 2 pm and a train to Gazipur (in Uttar Pradesh) at 5 pm. From Jamnagar a train goes to Bareily (in Uttar Pradesh). These three trains left Rikot’s division on Sunday. There is no transformation, said Parmeshwar Fankwal, head of the railway department in Raikot.

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