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Athletes in ASO country Only selected

On Tuesday morning, the director of the central department of the CIF announced the list of 25 selected athletes from the central department and two students from the northern district, Tatiana Smeltzer from Paso Robles and Kael Cooper from Atasquadero.
Commissioner Jim Crickslow has listed only 25 athletes from more than 120 schools in the central section, and each selected athlete receives a scholarship and a prize of $500 that can be used for admission to a university.

Smeltzer and Cooper were not only the only selected sports students in the Northern District, but also in the entire San Luis Obispo District as Atasquadero, while Paso Robles was the only school in the Central Coast and almost the only athlete in the entire coastal area (St. Joseph’s Zaida Alteide was the only other athlete selected in the Mountain/Ocean League).

These awards include a thorough selection and compilation process of all their achievements, awards, reports, and contributions to society during the four years a student has done sports in high school, including a letter of recommendation from the school director, sports director, coach, and tutor. The nominations were expected mid-February and in all the excitement of the KOVID-19 crisis the athletes had almost forgotten.

To be honest I was a bit surprised, because it pushed me in the back of my mind for so long that I thought I didn’t understand, Smeltzer said. I called my parents right away because they are both at work and told them that I received them. When I looked at the other 25, I noticed that there was only one child of Atascadero sitting next to me at Cael Cooper’s, so he relativized the honor, and every time I talk about it, I feel more honored.

The prize was awarded to sports students such as Smeltzer, who present their achievements on and off the field, in the swimming pool or on the field. In four years working on the pool, playing water polo and swimming, Smeltzer has completely dominated, and his CV is unmistakable. The two-meter tall swimmer has been honored by the MVP of the Bearcats water polo team for the past three years and was elected MVP League and All-CIF Water Polo Player of the Year this fall during the high season. Smeltzer is now also the school record holder for most career and seasonal targets and for the number of thieves. She currently has two school records in swimming, a 100 meter backstroke, and is not part of the 200 meter relay team that she would almost certainly announce this spring if her season had not been interrupted.

Currently Smelzer has 4.42 GPA’s without fieldwork and spends most of his time volunteering in the community.

Although she might have asked if she wanted to make a list, others were a little more confident.

Honestly, I had the feeling that she would be chosen 100% for all her achievements and all the things she has done, said Anthony Morales, Director of Athletics at Paso Robles. We have about 600 athletes, and Tatiana is at the top with her students and her athletics. If you just look at their scientists, the average of 4.4 is quite impressive, even without the sport, the participation in these PA courses, and so on. It’s a very good model, especially in class.

The scholarship also encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities, which is also an advantage for Smeltzer. Shortly before the closure of the school and all public meetings, she was preparing to work with the Scouts on her gold star, which she may not be able to do now if the rules are not relaxed in the near future.

Advertise with us! First place at Atasquadero.

Bear Sr. signed her letter of intent in November to continue her career as a student at Cal State Northridge.

The prize is awarded not only to great student athletes, but also to great leaders who have been among Cooper’s most important contributions. Cooper, a dedicated athlete in three sports, participated in soccer, wrestling and track and field work every season and even helped the Greyhounds wrestling team achieve their first championship title in almost a decade.

To be honest, it was a bit of a surprise for me because I wasn’t expecting it, Cooper said. With everything that happened with the closure of the school and everything I somehow thought I would never hear again, but it was actually a nice surprise when our athletic director caught me personally and told me the news.

As an eight-year-old wrestler, Cooper is as versatile as an athlete, but he really shines in the ring. In each of the four years he fought for Atasquadero, Cooper ended the season with the utmost respect from his peers. In his first season he was recognized as the most valuable newcomer, and in his second year he was promoted to the championship and the most valuable prize for the ten-year-old students.

As a young wrestler, he helped bring the Greyhound junior wrestlers to the top of the CIF Central Section average, earned another MVP for the team and finished the season as Iron Man (he did it again as a senior), meaning he never missed a single practice session. In his last season, Atasquadero remained unbeaten in the Championship and won his first title since 2011, with most of the success of the team through the work of the senior in practice.

On the field, Cooper has played twice as a defender in all leagues and works closely with the Brotherhood of Christian Athletes and is currently the treasurer of the organization.

The four letters of recommendation submitted for Cooper mention leadership, which he has worked on in his time, even at the low cost of his research.

Right now, I’m not. 15, I think. So not as part of the glorification, because I let me go a little in the PA and I honor the classes, said Cooper. Even though I could take them with me, I let them go because I wanted to concentrate more on working with the clubs and playing a leading role in my sports teams. So I dropped the academic side of things to be a part of it.

Even under the more typical stress, his Cooper student still has a 4.3 degree point average.

When Cooper is not practicing, he spends time with his church, and on Sunday morning he works with the children in Atasquadero Bible Church, where he plans to spend the next years of his life after high school. Cooper intends to apply for the internship program of the church and to continue carrying out ministry projects at home and abroad.

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