Show that could not justify the end of a lot of characters, check who and why.

LJ’s book. Smith Vampire Diaries was translated into the American teen horror series, which was presented in 2009 and covered the entire series in 8 seasons until 2017. Despite the fact that the series ended 3 years ago, he was seen with disappointed eyes when the end of some characters seemed unjustified for the fans, either because of the false image they convey or because of the unjustified honor they deserve.

  1. Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett | Vampire diary on Wiki | Random photo : Vampire diary on Wiki

Not only was she cruel and traumatic, but she was always worried about the safety of her family. The end didn’t seem justified to her when faced with witches still being tortured, and yet her husband was killed. She was a more dignified character.

2. Elizabeth Liz Forbes.

Liz Forbes | Vicky House of Horror Bounty Hunter | Fandom Photo : Bounty hunter

Sheriff Forbes, who died on the show, didn’t like his fans. In previous seasons she played a negative role, but her fearless fighting style has been recognized by her fans. Caroline, who had a bad relationship with Liz, also started to have a good relationship with her because of the good nature of the character.

She was diagnosed with cancer and her life ended in great suffering in recent months.

3 Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore - Page 20 - Photo Paul Wesley Chronicles : Paul Wesley

Died the day after the wedding during the rescue of the Mystic Falls. Fans wanted more justice for the character because of his good deeds, which proved useful to many throughout the series.

4. katherine piercing

Katherine Pierce | Penny Wiki poetry pages | Coincidence Photo : Penny’s poetry

One of the most human characters, reborn twice to destroy the city. Their image is limited to those who destroyed the city and nothing else.

5. L Enzo St. John

John Lorenzo | Vampire Diary on Wiki | Random Photo : Union evaluation

A figure whose genesis could not be revealed because of his early death. It’s sad that he not only lost his family, but Maggie and Lily as well.

6. Tyler Lockwood.

Figure : Entertainment of the weekly newspaper

The character who managed to escape the destruction of the great vampires and the wrath of poverty is the character who played Tyler. Such a character, captured by Damon and dying, seemed hard to believe.

7. Josette Joe Laughlin

Josette Photo : TV maze

The character who was the shortest player in the series died a violent death during her pregnancy. After that, she only appeared once.

8 Oliva Parker

Olivia Parker | Wiki Vampire Diary | Random Photo : Interest

The character ended up having an affair with Tyler and was filmed above. Your partner’s the one who didn’t save the sad.

9. Lexie Branson.

Lexie Branson | Vampire Diary on the Wiki | Random Photo : Union evaluation

A character who has experience with other characters. She was a short-lived but popular figure among her fans.

10. Jenna Sommers Photo : Fanpop

Her death came at a time when she heard of the emergence of supernatural powers.


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