New Delhi [India], May 20: The COVID crisis has forced an oxygen emergency in India. Although the country, community, and commoners are collectively trying to counter the crunch, it is just too big to cut. In these circumstances, the task of making quality oxygen concentrators and making them timely available to all has gained more significance than ever. And it is this fact that has inspired and become the impetus for Servotech’s #O2forall initiative, which focuses on bridging the gap between the supply and demand of oxygen concentrators and making everyone aware of the best practices regarding it.

A publicly trading company, Servotech, was already a leading manufacturer of Inverters, Batteries, Led Lights, and Solar Products. With the outbreak of the Corona Virus last year, the company expanded its manufacturing capacities and introduced UVC Disinfectant products, targeting comprehensive sanitization of belongings and surroundings. You can know more about the firm’s products at This year, with the surge in COVID-19 cases and the growing oxygen inadequacy, the company resolved to launch medical grade & credible Oxygen Concentrators to help more and more people having access to it.

Although the rollout was easier than done, primarily raw material and parts being exported from other countries, saw an unannounced four-fold increase in their cost. Also, the increased hoarding and black marketing of these devices in the domestic market hugely undermined the firm’s aim of providing authentic, affordable oxygen concentrators to all. However, the company sought different means and established tie-ups with several prestigious institutions for an ongoing project of establishing a manufacturing facility of oxygen concentrators in their factory. Last year, the German government joined hands with Servotech & proposed investment in a new plant and machinery for setting up of manufacturing facility for UVC Disinfectant products. This project is a great stepping stone to promote the Vocal for Local drive and to provide necessary products to deal with the current pandemic scenario.

The organization not only aims for fair availability of the products but also intends to assure quick & timely delivery to its customers. Currently, the firm is delivering its 5 Ltr Model immediately and the 10 Ltr. versions in a span of 7 working days. The firm is also quite vocal about making the masses aware of red flags concerning the right kind of oxygen concentrators to buy. These include:

  1. Portability- Some concentrators sell on the pretext of being portable and lightweight, but most of them are actually built with inferior quality compressors.
  2. Flow Rate- Usually, doctors advise a 3.9 ltr flow rate but most concentrators are designed with sub-standard cannulas, which hardly make up for the content.
  3. Purity- Reduced flow rates directly mean compromised the purity of oxygen. Quality concentrators maintain a 92-95% purity of oxygen which is crucial in a patient’s recovery.

Besides Oxygen Concentrators, the firm has also brought forth a change in the Indian markets with its innovative range of UV-C Disinfectant Products. Rich in germicidal properties, these products have proved immensely instrumental in carrying out end-to-end sanitization drives for both small and large spaces, while also offering in-depth sterilization of everyday essentials and accessories.

With the spread-out contribution of oxygen concentrators and UV-C Disinfectant products, paired with the #O2FORALL effort, the aim of the firm is not only to bring cleaner, credible, and compulsory life-saving essentials closer to the general public, but also to flow out unmitigated information, which is often as important as the devices which come to save our lives. Let’s hope the firm’s initiative gains wings and the firm succeeds in transforming our society into a better and safer place to live in.

About Servotech

Servotech Power Systems Ltd. is an NSE-listed, publicly trading company with over two decades of experience and expertise. A leader in technology, Servotech has also enjoyed a long-standing association with the German government, which helps in bringing in state-of-the-art scientific know-how to Indian consumers. To know more about its products and services, visit: (

Mr. Raman Bhatia, Founder & Managing Director at Servotech, is leading the organization for over two decades now, and his work ethic, vision, and resolve have led the firm to grow exponentially and venture into ever new business prospects. With a knack for turning challenges into opportunities, Mr. Bhatia’s aim of ‘Technology to the Masses’, has redefined business as we know it today.

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