RHOA Fans Are Shocked By The Cover Of Mike Hill’s Photos — Is He Sending The Missing Message?

Mike Hill said recently on an episode of Atlanta’s Real Housewives that he released a book. A lecture called Open Book finally has a cover – and it may not be what you expected.

Mike made the front page, which he revealed to his disciples, some of whom were RHOA fans. The first thing you see at the beginning of the memoirs is Mike with his shirt off.

He drew the Instagram photo: Tonight, with the help of my beautiful fiancée, I opened the cover of my book Open Mike, which will soon be published. It makes sense that I want that cover. I’m naked because I’m revealing my truth. I want to symbolize the vulnerability and make everyone understand that after so many years in this direction, I have nothing to hide. My head is tilting a little because I am not proud of many things I have done, but I also come out of the shadows and don’t walk away from the pain and evil that makes me want to hurt others, including myself. A back to show how far I have come and the expression of my gratitude to have someone with my back and with God. My body itself means I came here, but I still have a job! One of the first lines of the show is to be careful what you say in the open mic. I decided to oppose this rule in the hope of helping others, even if it was to my advantage. So I’m asking you…

Although the sports commentator explained why he was literally naked, some found it inappropriate.

A commentator honestly said that the cover looks like an ad for a perfume or something that needs sex to sell itself. I prefer a photo in a t-shirt or suit because you are an interesting, educated and professional person who doesn’t have to undress. But it’s your decision, and I’d like to hear Mike as an audiobook if you’re considering it!

One more addition: Happy as ever! Poor coverage… too sexy… People don’t take you seriously! You and your fiancée are great, but a REAL NEW one! Come back to prayer! I love you! I love you! I’m a fan!

As this follower pointed out: And you wanted everyone to see what your body looked like. And that’s good.


What do you think of the cover of Mike’s book?


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