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New Delhi (India), May 26: QFrame Movie and Studio 9 Production have signed a Joint Venture for their upcoming project Crown – Untold Orient, a Multi-lingual Multi-superheroes film, Joint Brand production ventures, Distribution sector development, Regional OTT establishment and content curation. The first-of-its-kind film is written and directed by Narein Praneas Rao. The film revolves around two central female leads. One of the two leads will be played by the former Miss India Aditi Vats, and the name of the other lead is still kept in the vault. However, the creators have confirmed that the star of the Indian cinema will play it, and the name will be revealed soon.

Crown will be a universe within the omniverse of the filmmaker that holds the Multiverse of the crime syndicates and the historical events dating back to over 7000 years. The film is comprised of a total of Three chapters and interlinked with other two universes of the creator, forming the mega universe called Aegis.

QFrame Movie is India’s first one-stop Tech infused Studio and Film Production solution provider. It is a new-age film technology and content development company that assists creators and production houses with services like the infusion of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Filmmaking process, MR: XR production, 3D infusion, and Imax Technology. It also has 360° filming arenas, R&D developing arenas, filmmaker arenas, 24*7 vaults, and Metaverse & NFT zones.

On the other hand, Studio 9 Production is the brainchild of R. K. Suresh, an Indian Tamil film producer and actor. He has gained critical accolades for his performance in Bala’s Tharai Thappattai and M. Muthaiah’s Marudhu. Studio 9 is a contemporary mini studio that caters to the production and distribution needs of the South Indian Film Industry. It has been a part of the Tamil Film Industry since 2012, solving all sorts of production challenges by finding and hiring qualified professionals and providing the tools and resources.

Speaking about the Joint Venture, Founder and Director of QFrame Movie, Dr. Aravind K. shares, “Crown is a first-of-its-kind film project in the Indian Film History, featuring two Superwomen played by two renowned movie stars. The film will also be a unique infusion of AR and VR powered by XR Virtual Technology. Moreover, it will be made in pan-Indian languages to become accessible to a larger audience base. As QFrame and Studio 9 are coming together for this project, we are hoping that it will create history in the Indian Film Industry.”

QFrame has already secured its strong foothold in the market with 11 film content and seven web series content of the Universe Aegis. Studio 9 also carries an international reputation for its digital infrastructure and production solutions. Now, all the eyes are on their Joint Venture, “Crown” – a film that will restore the balance of Yin and Yang in the world.

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