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Mumbai, 24th May 2022: Mr. Pramod Bharal and his contribution to humanity transcend his corporate standing. For over 50 years has worked tirelessly to change the face of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, to acknowledge and celebrate his impact on human life with his pharmaceutical company and philanthropy work, he was honoured with the Samaj Bhushan award by the Governor of Maharashtra on the occasion of the Mahaveer Jayanti Janmotsav celebration at Raj Bhavan last month. Accepting the honour with humility, he beautifully narrates the episode as a ‘bolt out of the blue, that fills him with gratitude and pride’.


Here’s a look at the exemplary life he has led so far. A man of great grit, compassion, and determination Mr. Bharal is a revolutionary and innovator in spirit and has over 5 decades celebrated the idea of shouldering for a cause through his unwavering efforts.


He started his company with a meagre Rs.500 in his pocket, but as they say, when you have the determination to reach for the moon, nothing can stop you on your path. Mr. Bharal’s unwavering spirit and his determination helped him achieve what many can only dream of. Founded by him, PSA Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd is a technology-driven pharmaceutical company. It is a leading name within the industry and the company was born out of its vision to bring affordability to the medical fraternity and has been established as a firm in the year 1985 to render technical services in the API manufacturing sector.


Under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Bharal, PSA has evolved into one of the few companies with an identified and robust product pipeline for each market in the world. A chemical engineer by degree, Mr. Bharal has always eyed the right formula and has worked unwaveringly to bring a new wave to the varied facets of pharmaceuticals. His optics were never short-sighted and he always eyed the long-term growth and development of the entire ecosystem, thus he identified the opportunities ahead of the curve with a single-minded focus on bringing the company to a prestigious position.


With core competence in the field of Manufacturing and Exporting Finished Formulation Medicines, PSA Group offers solutions to ailments ranging from Cardiovascular, Pain management, Tuberculosis, Antibacterial, Macroloids, Dermatology, and many other therapeutics along with Herbal and Nutraceutical products. Today, after having tasted success with PSA, Mr. Bharal is motivated to flag the start of a new company Rainbow Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. to bring to consumers 100% plant-based ayurvedic medicines.


Today, PSA’s products have a significant presence in over 30 countries and a registered product base of more than 400 products worldwide. But what sets the company apart from the rest is its vision to make affordable medicine accessible to all, furthered by Mr. Bharal’s leadership. He is always looking for a chance to serve the needy and in an effort to do so, he has been bringing out rare disease medicines. From sclerosis to breast lumps to several pain treatments, he and his team have identified over 18 such ailments whose treatment and medicine costs are unaffordable for most of us. From offering them the same medicine at an affordable price to sometimes supporting the needy by paying for their medical expenses, Mr. Bharal is always focused and committed to the greater good.


Through his efforts and PSA’s and now Rainbow’s strong R&D team, Mr. Bharal does not want to leave any stones unturned to make rare-disease medicines affordable and easily accessible for everyone. He wants healthcare to be accessible and in his efforts, he tries to make it so for everyone. However, the effectiveness of the medicines is never compromised, and it is ensured by going that extra mile.


Pramod Bharal is a man who believes in shouldering responsibilities and extending a helpful hand to every needy. So, he goes out of his way to support those who reach out to him to let him know their worrisome state. This award serves to be an acknowledgment of his life and effort so far. He says that it only fuels him to continue his mission and energised him to live the remainder of his life with even more gusto and dedication toward serving people.

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