New Delhi [India], June 22: PicsArt, the world’s leading creative platform and social editing app, is looking ahead to make your Father’s Day celebrations unique by offering a range of stickers and templates for the upcoming holiday. PicsArt is also releasing special AI music features to make celebrating both Father’s Day and World Music Day more colorful this year.

For many of us, both of these special occasions have played a very important role in our bonds with our fathers. Until recently, picking out the perfect gift and sending a card with a sweet message was how we celebrated Father’s Day, but with our new reality that has hit us in recent times, we have learned that the best thing is to make sure our loved ones feel special while keeping them safe. For those staying apart from their families, the closest way of being connected is digital. To make sure that you don’t miss out on showing gratitude to your father in the coolest way possible this Father’s Day, PicsArt has got you covered.

“Celebrating Father’s Day is a very new thing in India because, in a traditional Indian family, children were much closer with their mothers than their fathers who were usually at work, but this has changed. In modern India, fathers have become more involved in their children’s lives. To celebrate this special bond and further strengthen it, PicsArt has come up with special Father’s Day templates and stickers for making customized social posts, images, and videos to celebrate the contributions our fathers have made in our lives and our memories together. To make it all the more colorful and fun, PicsArt also has a new AI Music feature that can add unique soundtracks to your video content,’’ said Ravish Jain, Country Head of PicsArt.

With the new Father’s Day stickers and templates, PicsArt users can now design their own custom cards celebrating their fathers’ lives and recreate the beautiful moments they had together with creative tools and quotes. As Father’s Day and World Music Day fall one day apart this year, you can celebrate both occasions by creating a Father’s Day video with a great soundtrack to make him feel super special — an extra treat if your dad is a music lover.

For all the dads who love Bollywood music, PicsArt has added an ‘Indian Music’ section in the app, where you can find some amazing melodies. PicsArt’s AI algorithm comes with more than 500,000 song samples, beats, and patterns to automatically generate an unlimited library of new tracks and millions of minutes of unique music. You can post your PicsArt-edited Father’s Day video with a cool music soundtrack and select from 20 moods/genres in addition to the Indian music available in the app per your fathers’ preference, to make a magical tribute he’s sure to love. The AI Music feature is currently available on iOS, and will soon be released on Android.

PicsArt is free to download for Apple, Android, and Windows and can also be accessed on the web. PicsArt Gold is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis for those wishing to enjoy premium editing. With PicsArt Gold, subscribers have access to millions of stickers, hundreds of fonts, frames, and backgrounds, and an entire library of free-to-edit content and stock photography.