March 9: Party-anthem is a dream project started by two friends Leena Sewhani Luthria and Shraddha Gandhi, in 2013 with an avant-garde spirit and a lofty objective to offer quality party supplies while leading the way for creativity.

The vision is to provide a wide range of high-quality party supplies and excellent customer service while leading the way for environmentally conscious businesses.

Customers have hundreds of trendy party themes to pick from, whether it’s kid’s birthdays, love-filled anniversaries, naughty bachelorettes, or elegant wedding supplies that’ll make their big day memorable.

Party Anthem has grown to a full fledges e-commerce business from its humble beginnings. They now provide start-to-end event solutions that aim to make each celebration truly special. From birthdays to bachelorettes, and birth announcements to funky themes, from balloons to tableware, from props to costumes, DIY balloon home décor kits to balloon bouquets, they sell everything to suit any occasion with excellent services. With an impressive line of licensed and personalized products, they have a lot to offer.

What started as a fun hobby has grown into a successful business. The founders have built Party Anthem to reflect their shared passions and values: affinity for great products, excellent service, and, most importantly, their belief that nobody should overpay for a great party.

The duo founders narrate about the challenges found to reach the preset status today:

As a new player retailing party supplies online, it was initially a challenge to shift people’s perception from conventional methods of purchasing party supplies. eCommerce in 2012-2013 was still in a nascent stage, and people were wary of purchasing online. The touch and feel factors were missing in online selling vis offline selling. It was difficult to convey the quality and usage of the products online. Translating the concept and communicating the value was a significant task. They had to ensure that every communication and interaction at all points of contact ended up being a positive experience for the customer.

Party Anthem soon won the market with great achievements such as:

  • Innovation

By staying up-to-date with industry knowledge, they provide their customers with the latest products and services.

  • Top Licenses

They partner with everyone’s favorite brands; Disney, Marvel, Unique Industries, Creative Converting, among others.

  • On Trend

Every year they curate dozens of new themes so that they are always up to date on the latest trends.

  • Go Green

They pledge to source products that are environmentally friendly and to eliminate single-use plastic products.

  • Vocal for Local

Promote Make In India products source products from local vendors and manufacturers.

  • Family-owned

As a family-owned business since day one, they take pride in treating every customer and employee as a member of their family.

Stating about their most challenging period, the duo founders say,  “The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown put an abrupt stop to eCommerce in India. Baring essentials, no other products were sold online. During this time, people were not able to move out, and those that were needed masks and protective gear. There were many suppliers for adult masks but none for children’s masks. We identified an unmet gap in the children’s face masks market. At that time, there were not many options available for children. And the available ones were not safe or comfortable. Face masks as a product and category is something we have no prior experience or expertise with. We jumped right into the deep end. Possibly for the first time, we began something very complex and unfamiliar without much preparation. We went through a month of R&D and several prototypes before finalizing and introducing the face masks in the market. Fortunately, our hard work paid off. Because of the branding, quality of the product and our relationship with our vendors, the products have been well appreciated and successful.”

Founders Ms. Leena looks after Product sourcing, Business Development & Finance, while Ms. Shraddha is an expert on Logistics & Customer Service. They continue their journey with new dreams and aspirations. They have more to achieve in the future. Speaking about their plans and actions, they inform, The recent pandemic has made them realize that they cannot be dependent on any other country to run their business or to source their products. PM Modi has asked all businesses to be Atmanirbhar. In the spirit of that, they plan to start sourcing and manufacturing party supplies in India. By 2024, they aim to have 100% of their products to be Made in India.”

Salute to their spirit of courage and dedication towards our nation!