(Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 01: Pandit Sudhanshu Shukla has been appointed as the National Director of Consumer Brand Investigation Division. As soon as Mr. Shukla joined the office, he warned the people who are involved in such type of crimes to stops this illegal work as it affects the economy of our country, and if they are caught a strict action will be taken against them.

Fraud, Duplicacy, and Illegal works are becoming more prominent these days mainly in the business sector. Manufacturers make similar or duplicate products to earn and fraud the citizens. There have been many different organizations working to curb and take action upon such issues, one of them being Consumer Brand Investigation. Pandit Sudhanshu Shukla who completed his MBA abroad has been appointed as the National Director of Consumer Brand Investigation. Mr. Shukla always had a keen interest in the investigation sector and previously he has worked with an investigation agency. He resigned from that job to progress more in the field of investigation and to find out as well as curb the loopholes lying in the business sector.

We all know how counterfeits and duplicate products have affected the market globally, it not only befooling the consumers but also the original brands get affected by it. Consumers spend money on such products and give bad reviews to the original ones as they cannot distinguish between the counterfeits and the original. Not only do these counterfeits affect the consumers physically if it is a beauty or skincare brand but when it comes to food it harms the body adversely. Consumer Brand Investigation with the help of its three wings namely investigation, surveillance and intelligence are on a run to find out such counterfeits manufacturers and take legal actions upon them. The investigation team brings the information which is then verified by the surveillance team and then the intelligence team after seeking permission from the court, goes to the informed place with local police officers to conduct a raid.

Consumer Brand Investigation is a division that investigates the counterfeits and duplicity of products from every sector be it beauty, food, motor parts, garments, or any sector all over in India. If any person, manufacturer, or retailer does such illegal work, he/she has to face the action as per the law. Consumer Brand Investigation team takes charge of such person and sends them into judicial custody as per their crime and violation. In the coming days, Consumer Brand Investigation is going to open its branch in every capital of 29 states where a team of seven members will be formed. There will be a vacancy for this and the people eligible for this will be asked to join the office. Each team will investigate this issue in every corner of their allotted state and then will conduct a raid with the local police and shut the illegal system.

A vacancy at a national level is going to be out for about 203 people for an Assistant Rank and the Drivers.  For an assistant rank, there are vacancies for 58 females and 87 Males, the educational qualification will be 10+2. And the age limit is between 18 to 29 years.  The vacancies for the Driver are out, that is for 29 Drivers. The age limit will be between 25 to 35 years old, and the educational qualification will be till 10th Grade. There will be initiatives in all 29 states whose age limit should be from 21 to 32 years old, and educational qualification will be graduation.

Soon India will be a place with no counterfeits and duplicity of products. It’s not only the duty of the particular officers but as a citizen of India, it is our duty too to help the officers and make India free of this crime.