Highly Influential Shree ShivyogiYuktanandjiMaharaj Extends His Support to the Hindu Recreational Venture: SACHME

Shree Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj and Highphill Mathews  Jaipur, Aug 9: With a tremendous strive in connecting expatriates with their culture and religion in foreign lands; SACHME is the perfect blend of modernity sprinkled with a hint of spirituality. Focusing greatly on celebrating the togetherness of festivals, art, seminars and other activities, SACHME aims to provide […]

Blending innovation in governance, an Bureaucrat in Telangana Initiates Mask-making Jobs and 10 Bed ICU; Shortlisted for PM Award

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], August 9: Indian bureaucrats are often touted as people who are wary of innovations with little care about the community. However, some defy the trend, pioneer innovations for the society, and are in true terms — “for the people”. Narayanpet DM, Hari Chandana Dasari, is one such name well-known for social initiatives, […]

Unleash Your Gloriousness with TEDxGoldenBridge’s “The Unplugged: Season 2”

Aug 9: TEDxGoldenBridge’s incredibly zealous initiative, “The Unplugged: Season 2” empowers aspiring artists with a phenomenal public platform to help unleash their inner gloriousness. Many artists never take the long route because of the lack of opportunities. They give up on their artistic interests because they never get the right platform to present their artistic […]

Yogpathic’s Master Trainer, Anand Shrivastava Developed an App to make yoga accessible to all

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 6: The master trainer, Anand Shrivastava, who launched Yogpathic online app, is all set to launch a phenomenal yoga studio in Mumbai. To empower people with ancient yoga practices, experiences, and secrets through the futuristic platform. As a Celebrity Coach and Meditation Expert, Anand has hosted several phenomenal online yoga classes […]