Orange County Health Officer Nichole Quick Resigns Response to Threats to Issue Face Mask Order –

SANTA ANA (CBSLA) – The Orange County Chief Medical Officer resigned Monday night after being confronted with a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Nicole Quick got more safety after her health policy exposed her to threats and protests in her home.

POWERFUL: An Orange County health officer is threatened because he ordered a mask.

Quickly decree the 23rd. May issued an order that face coverings should be used in public places because other commercial transactions, including personal purchases, personal lunches, and hairdressing salons and barbershops have been given the green light to reopen. In the past, the masks were only intended for employees who came into contact with the public.

There is evidence of this, and I think that if we continue to send people into more social communication
, we’re going to need a concealment order, Quick said.

One in 28. The following requirements have been formulated for the district health component, as amended by the May Ordinance

Members of the Community are invited to read the Regulation and the strict recommendations in full here, and the press release of the Health Organisations Committee here. The statutes contain specific legal requirements to be met by all residents and visitors to the organizing committee with regard to appropriate tissue coating, self-quarantine and isolation in relation to the diagnosis of VIDOC-19 or potential effects, and actions to be taken by contractors, industry and other commercial unit owners prior to reopening in accordance with Phase 2.

Quick made no public comment on his resignation on Monday night. Supervisor Doug Chaffey said she apparently resigned because the reaction was too strong for her. She has three young children and has been severely criticized by people demanding her resignation and demonstrations in front of her house.

David Sulesh, who was deputy director of the Orange County Department of Health, also resigned in April.

Dr. Clayton Chow, director of the Orange County Department of Health, is scheduled to take Quick’s place as chief of staff until she can be replaced. We don’t know what will become of Quick’s command, but Chow has defended it in the past.

Quick said the mask order was an important public health milestone and cited the increasing transmission in the Orange County community, but said she was willing to reconsider the issue.

Like everyone else at KOWID, we evaluate data and evidence on a daily basis… As we see more and more of them here… I feel the need to cover my face, she says.

Submitted: Dr. Nicole Quick (courtesy of CBS)

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends coverage for people over 2 years of age in public places where it is difficult to enforce other measures of social exclusion. Exceptions are persons under 2 years of age and all persons who have difficulty breathing or who are unconscious, disabled or otherwise unable to remove the mask without help.

On Monday, Orange County reported a further 113 cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 7,527, while the number of deaths remained at 177.

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