Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 27:  In 2023, Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report revealed that only 33% of Indian employees are actively engaged in their work. In today’s IT sector,  job trends are rapidly evolving alongside advancements in technology.  From AI and cybersecurity to cloud computing and blockchain, emerging innovations continually reshape the landscape. Roles like AI Engineers, Cybersecurity Analysts, and Cloud Architects are in high demand, reflecting the industry’s need for talent driving innovation.

The finding shows particular significance for the country’s growing IT sector, a key driver of economic growth and social welfare. With technology progress and changing job needs, the sector experiences notable workforce changes. Recent data from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology reveals substantial job growth, with 4.45 lakh new employees in FY22 and 2.9 lakh in 2023.

As engaged workers are key to success, being focused, action-ready and purpose-driven. They also build strong bonds with leaders, peers, and clients, ensuring clear goals, trust and exceptional service. Their dedication and passion propel both organizational advancement and customer or client loyalty, fostering business expansion.

Engagement is not a characteristic of employees, but rather an experience created by organizations, managers and team members. Thus, reassessing HR strategies is crucial, as some practices hinder both employee and company progress. Traditional HR methods such as unclear job roles leave employees struggling to meet expectations. Insufficient development initiatives, amid evolving tech, hinder innovation and competitiveness. Rigid hiring practices, along with low salary raises, appraisals, and inflexibility at the workplace, demotivate employees and risk losing top talents in the fast-paced IT industry.

How to improve HR practices in IT companies?

  • Strategic Hiring: Effective IT recruitment is pivotal for companies and employees alike. Engaging diverse talents like freelancers and part-timers, alongside hiring fresh faces, boosts teamwork, meeting deadlines, and elevating productivity for all involved.
  • Embracing Upskilling : Offering training, online courses, and certifications keeps employees updated. Promoting skill-sharing among team members boosts confidence, productivity, and adaptability, benefiting individuals and the company’s productivity goals.
  • Transparent Communication: Regularly communicate company goals, career paths, and performance criteria with the team. Remain open to feedback related to long work shifts, mental health, stress and promptly address employee issues.

Flexible Working and Engaging Activities – Offering flexible working hours and hybrid options like remote or in-office work boosts employee morale and productivity. And incorporating engaging activities in-office supports mental well-being and fosters a collaborative culture, strengthening relationships between employers and employees.

According to Kamil Khan, CTO & Director of Sellergize, “As industries progress, HR practices need to evolve alongside to ensure employee engagement remains a top priority. At Sellergize, we recognize this necessity and champion effective HR solutions. We acknowledge hard work with a minimum of 10% salary increment, offer valuable work experience opportunities as 75% of our employees started as freshers and provide performance bonuses ranging from 80% to 100%.

Additionally, we enable permanent staff to work from home, enhancing productivity and flexibility. Our notice periods, spanning from 15 to 45 days, facilitate seamless transitions for those looking to switch roles. Through these initiatives, our aim is to fuel inspiration, enhance productivity, and foster growth for both existing employees and newcomers, thereby contributing to the company’s substantial progress.”

With evolving technology, IT firms see abundant prospects. By adopting employee-friendly HR practices and staying abreast of tech trends, they can ensure adaptability and reliability, fueling ongoing innovation. Cultivating a culture of growth can benefit both employees and the company, propelling India’s IT sector forward in shaping the future of work.

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