NBA 2K21: Position-Giannis is the Ultimate MyTeam Award

Brian Mazique Special design Giannis Antetokunmpo Galacis Opal Carta)

Why is the opal of the galaxy Giannis Antetokounmpo without position a good idea?

The top prize for MyTeam NBA 2K20 is the Galaxy Opal Giannis Antetokounmpo, who can play all five positions. There, I said it.

At the beginning of the NBA 2K20 release cycle, fans were informed that they could not use players outside their position in MyTeam mode. If a position was not marked on the virtual card, the player could basically not be placed on that position in the starting grid and could not be placed outside the position.

During the launch cycle we saw several charts with special position symbols. There was a whole set called Out of Position and another called Glitched, which gave fans access to versions of players whose positions weren’t real.

While some members of the community complained, others clapped and opened feverish packages to get these players. Those who decided to follow them to the auction house went through the hills of MT to get the first map. At the time of release, the Galaxy Opal LeBron James OOP card, which can be played in PG and C, was sold for over 2 million tons.

There’s clearly a thirst for these super-powered maps, so why not give the fans what they clearly want to use, while maintaining order and structure. Let me explain.

Why is Jiannis the right player for thiscard?

In the last three years of his career Antetocunmpo has proven that he can fulfill all five functions in the field – at least in certain respects.

It is a natural SF/PF, which costs 6’11 with a thin muscle and efficient aftercare, so there is no doubt that it can glide in the middle position, at least on a rack. He can also manipulate the ball, pass and create sufficient conditions for his teammates to play in any defensive position.

Before KOVID-19 interrupted the 2019-20 NBA season, Antetoccunpo averaged 29.6 points, 13.7 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 1 handle and 1 block per game, converting nearly 55 percent of his shots on the track and a shadow of less than 31 percent of his three-point attempts.

These are better statistics than most of your MyPlayers on MyCareer. MyTeam is a fantasy mode that does not have the responsibility to be completely realistic. However, if there is now one player in the league who should be able to play all five positions, it is Antetokunmpo.

Let’s not lift the restrictions

I’m not saying the 2K in the trench needs to be repaired. I like the restrictions that this imposes, and I don’t mind that some players can play in more than one position. However, I don’t see the point of Spud Webb and Russell Westbrook in the middle, but that wasn’t a big problem for me.

In fact, 2K does not technically violate the rule of locked position, as they were still determined to prevent players from playing in areas not marked on their cards, but they should have communicated more clearly their intention to broadcast the Out of Position and Glitched series.

If these plans are mentioned, it wouldn’t be a valuable surprise. They didn’t have to reveal the maps that would be recorded, but the information needed to prepare the MyTeam community – and even to anticipate.

How to release Jiannisfrom her position

Jianni’s position shouldn’t be in the tutu. That would happen too often. It should rather be a reward at the highest level of the collectors. In this way, it maintains its rarity and makes the card the highest status for die-hard fans who care about their collections.

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