Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Miss Khan, ab to hans do’ is a feature-length film directed by Aneek Chaudhuri.

The screenplay is developed by SusmitaBasuMajumdar.

The film spins around a life-sized model and its melancholic life that prompts the inquiry that ‘Does a Mannequin grin by any means? Or on the other hand, is it our discernment that they do?’. The film stars Bibriti Chatterjee and is shot by Aneek Chaudhuri and Soumya Barik.

On the off chance that we discussion of the class of the film, we can mark it as ‘Free exploratory workmanship house’. This is an endeavor to invalidate the use of language in Cinema and furthermore, to show imagine a scenario in which living things appear as non-living things, and the other way around. This film is tied in with switching jobs and removing everyday routine from non-experiencing things.

I saw the thought for making this film when I could detect a shop holding a life-sized model wearing distinctive garments, and it is utilized as simply a holder of garments. At some point, I could spot it wearing ethnic garments, while a few days ago, it very well may be spotted wearing something gaudy or tasteful. As it were, a life-sized model depicts the general public relying upon the garments it is wearing. While a life-sized model at a neighborhood store characterizes the estimating being less expensive; a similar life-sized model when put at a Gucci store, it portrays premium evaluating. Accordingly, this is the mercury for estimating the cultural status of the territory and its clients also, however it is inert.

The movie is delivered by Indo-Australian chief maker Rajib Ball; he has been associated with movie bearing and film creation in the new past. In addition, Rajib has been keen on arthouse Cinema for long. According to him, equal Cinema in India should be restored stylishly and gifted movie producers should take up the reason. He has received grants several times too for his movies, and now he appears to help free producers all through the globe.

In ‘Miss Khan, ab to hans do’ we are depicting a similar emergency yet from the life-sized model’s perspective and fuelling life to it