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We’ve seen some of the biggest stars of the NBA come as close to perfection as possible. LeBron James influences the game in every possible way and can even be the team of the 5th generation. The class in the NBA finals. Wilt Chamberlain was so massive and athletic that he could make an average of 25 rebounds per race in any era. Michael Jordan came closer to perfection than any other player in history, thanks to his incredible influence on the game and his impeccable track record as an NBA finalist.

But even these great fighters weren’t quite perfect. We’ve seen other NBA superstars do at least one thing better than on the field, even if it’s not general. By selecting the attributes of the best player in NBA history to form a single player, we will be able to build the most perfect and indomitable superstar in history.

So you can build the perfect NBA superstar, starting with your athletic prowess.

Height – Kevin Durant's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletics-.jpg

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For starters, the player will be taller than Kevin Durant. KD is at the indicated height of 6 feet 11 inches, although many claim it is only 7 feet tall. The reason you chose the KD is that you can acquire the perfect skills to complete the KD height. He manages to dominate each of the goalkeepers and play forward and even in the middle.

The ideal NBA player will be the same size as Kevin Durant and, with the right frying pan, will be the biggest player in NBA history.

Power – Wil Chamberlain's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletic-.jpg

For reasons of strength, the ideal NBA player will inherit the incredible raw power of Wilt Chamberlain. Take a look at a recording of Chamberlain’s games to see how physically dominant he was. We’ve seen some very strong players in the history of the NBA, including Carl Malone and Lebron James, but Wilt was a force of nature like we’ve never seen before.

Want to physically dominate the game and therefore holds the record for most points and rebounds in at least one game. Wilt’s name is in all the record books, and his power is the main reason.

Speed– Russell Westbrook's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletics-.jpg

Credit : Bleecher report

In terms of pure speed, an ideal NBA player will take advantage of Westbrooke’s ability to cross the field at high speed. Russ is ultra-fast with and without a ball, so he’s the perfect choice here.

With the growth of Kevin Durant and the power of Wilt that goes with it, this player will be an absolute force on the fast break and the most unstoppable finish of all time. It will literally be impossible to protect such a player when he is on break.

It’s even scary that Durant and Westbrook were teammates at one point.

Athletics – Lebron James's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletic-.jpg

In terms of general athletics, the ideal NBA player should possess the physical gifts of LeBron. Even though he has the size of Kevin Durant and the power of a plague, he will combine all this with the explosive power and grace of LeBron – especially in his bloom. LeBron’s general athletics includes incredible bounce, explosive power and foot speed, despite all that weight.

If there is one player who has the power of a wilting disease and the height of Durant and can combine all this with speed and explosiveness, it’s Lebron James. The ideal NBA player will have the physical gifts of LeBron and will also be slightly higher and stronger.

Shooting – Stephen Curry's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletic-.jpg

There’s no doubt that the ideal NBA player will have Stephen Curry’s shooting form and feel. Curry has a fast exit, probably the fastest, and he can shoot at any time. Thanks to the physical abilities of this player, Curry’s shot will be unstoppable in the attack.

He can score as he likes, especially in the area, except that he will be in the physical condition of Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

Oh, my God!

Mentality – Michael Jordan's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletic-.jpg

To convey a killer mentality and the desire to dominate the game, this player must inherit the intangible intellectual values of Michael Jordan. You can give a player a lot of physical gifts, but if he doesn’t have the right mentality, he has little chance of becoming an NBA champion in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. If you want this player to win NBA titles, give him the Michael Jordan mentality.

Jordan has tried to make sure he has a perfect NBA end result, a record number of prizes and awards, and a great success as a player and as a scorer. To be truly perfect, an ideal player must have the mentality of the greatest player of all time.

Clutch – Michael Jordan's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletic-.jpg

Can this player adapt even with a strong mentality and physical abilities when it matters most? Can this player recognize that he is the best player on the field and that he has the ability to take hard hits as a percentage more than any other player? If he does, he’s got the Michael Jordan Clutch gene.

M.J. and everyone in the building knew the ball was going up by itself. Jordan had a clutch pair and was the biggest matchmaker. Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant are other great clutch players, but MJ was very effective and was able to put a hit in the flow of the game. Not to mention the fact that Jordan showed the best pairing moves in the post-season and NBA finals.

Shoes – Kobe Bryant's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletik--.jpg

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In terms of clean footwork on the block, this player needs the talent of Kobe Bryant. Bryant was extremely skillful with his legs, making him one of the greatest bombers of all time. Bryant could play well in his thirties because he knew how to take his time with the block, pretend and go in any direction he wanted. In many ways, Kobe was simply unstoppable.

The ideal NBA player should be able to work on Kobe’s feet if he wants the chance to be the top scorer in the game and make his own shot when he needs it.

Defence – Hakeem Olajuwon's-Mentality-LeBron-James-Athleticism--.jpg

Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE on Getty Images

In terms of pure defensive dominance, the ideal player has the defensive consciousness of Hakim Olajuwon. Although there have been several major defensive players in the history of the NBA, Hakim has been able to influence the game and, more importantly, win titles if he was a leader in that respect. Hakeem rarely fights large shots and knows how to change the shots in each game.

Because Hakim himself was a big bomber, he knew that the big bombers would come at him and took them out quickly. Taking over the defensive capabilities of a double DPD gives him the defensive capabilities he needs.

Pass – Magic Johnson's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athleticism--.jpeg.

The ideal player so far is the perfect striker with perfect physical talent and mentality. To maintain control, all it takes is the ability to play the ball to become the most dominant superstar of all time.

Without a doubt, Magic was the best point guard. He had eyes in the back of his head and could easily see the ground, no matter how he moved.

Magic was the ideal player to have the ball in a quick break and the ideal player to read the defense on half field. With top test scores and a pass from Magic Johnson, this player is the perfect form of an offensive superstar.

Pens – Kiri Irving's-Mentality-LeBron-James's-Athletics-.png


I mean, this guy will have pens or Kiri Irving. This is very important because he can create his range whenever he wants and score points with precision comparable to Stephen Curry. Without the right pins, this player will not be able to shoot at the best defenders, even if they are physically dominant.

Kiri Irving’s service will complete the most indomitable player in history. He can break everyone’s ankles, change direction and reach the edge whenever he wants. If it’s cut, it can make room for the jumper. In terms of pure offensive dominance, this superstar will inherit the best attributes from the best players in NBA history.