Making the case for Pitt’s defensive line





Thomas Young | Assistant Visual Editor

Pitt led the country with 3.92 sacks per game in the 2019 season.

The Pitt 2019 football team has one of the best defensive lines in the country. It occupies a high position in the two bars that normally determine the front line – the bags per batch (first with 3.92) and the running yards allowed per batch (12th with 108.5).

In the article in the Bleacher Report of the 13th. However, on February 2, when the top ten defensive lines for the 2020 season were named, Pitt was clearly taken off the list.

And it doesn’t seem that the author of the article, Brad Shepherd, had brain damage and forgot about the Panthers, because he explicitly mentions them as one of the teams that narrowly missed the jump to the top 10. He looked at Pitt’s production and decided it wasn’t good enough.

Asked about swimming on the first day of Pitt’s spring training, eloquent senior defender Rashad Weaver reacted with a touch of sarcasm.

I think there’s something in those top-level defensive lines that we don’t have or they have players that we don’t have, he said. I think we’ll see when the cushions come in in the fall.

If there’s one factor preventing Pitt’s line of defense from going through another monstrous year, it’s him who lost to me.

The Panthers are returning almost the entire line of defense from last season and are expected to improve only through a combination of new recruits and recovering from past injuries.

So is Pitt’s front line convinced he’s in the top five student football? Maybe not.

But the top ten? Simple.

Jaylen Twyman’s defensive shell made a breakthrough in the 2019 season and became the first Pitt infielder to lead the team since Aaron Donald pocketed Donald in 2013 (10.5). He also took first place in the team with 12 balls for the loss and earned second place in the All-American and first place in the All-ACC. At Twyman, Pitt has a rare 290-pound defensive anchor that allows him to bite the runners and chase quarterbacks.

If Twyman is the Panther superstar, Patrick Jones II’s defensive end is their unsung hero. The red jersey parent dominated quietly last season and led the team with an incredible 18 quarterbacks – 13 more than the next player – and four forced drops and a total of 8.5 bags and 12 shells to lose.

Twyman and Jones II would almost certainly have been selected for the NFL 2020 project if they had decided to announce it. Instead, they decided to return to Pitt and terrorize the college’s opponents for another season.

With the return of the top two players, Pitt has a clear advantage over the other great defenders of the country, many of whom have lost their best player due to graduation or design. The Panthers will only lose the defensive shell of Amir Watts, who had seven shells and two bullet bags to lose in 2019.

Pitt will also benefit from the return of two strong defenders: red junior Deslin Alexander (5.5 bags, 10.5 cups for the defeat) and the second red Habakkuk Baldonado (four bags, 5.5 cups for the defeat).

But the Panther’s main defender after Twyman and Jones II could be Weaver, who didn’t play a single shot last season.

Weaver was Pitt’s best defender in 2018 and led the battle for loss (14), sacks (6.5) and recovery from failure (3). But his 2019 season was interrupted before it even started, after the ACL was broken during preseason training camp.

On the first day of spring training Pitta Weaver took part in exercises – albeit in limited numbers – and made fun of the fact that the Panthers were not 100% ready for the first race. If we take him at his word and he can return to the level he once played at, Weaver will be able to deliver another unit that has already flourished in his absence.

Weaver’s not the only Pitt defender who wants to hit after he gets back from an injury. Red-red senior defender Keyson Camp also missed most of last season after sustaining a seasonal knee injury on day one. Now a 1.80 m wide healthy landing should be a great addition to Twyman’s interior.

Completes the Pitt 2020 defensive line with Deion Hayes, a newcomer from Westinghouse High School. From a four-star perspective, Hayes is too talented to wear a red shirt or play a few moves here and there. A defensive umbrella of 1.80 meters high and weighing 250 pounds collected 23 bags, just like a high school student, and had to contribute immediately to the star rim.www post gazette com pitt panthers,pitt football news articles,pitt panther post gazette,pitt athletic blogs,pitt basketball articles,pitt panthers sports,pitt sport news,pitt news sports