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Unprecedented times Requires the Foundation of Proven Principles

Since 2020, rumours of an epidemiological nightmare have been spreading halfway around the world. When I was young, I was told that if you’d dig to the end, you’d end up in China. The pronunciation always evoked images of an abyss in China, like Bugs Bunny upside down.

Well, the world was certainly quickly turned upside down when COWID-19 spread from China. In California, we hear it from Friday, March 13 to the second week of March, when local authorities and government organizations start roaring. Shut it down! Turn it off! The coronavirus is here!


We’re closing it down. We didn’t know enough about the disease to debate it.

What we knew had too many holes for us to pull the trigger. Did it affect your health? Did he infect the children? Was it worse than the flu? Would it be more lethal? We just didn’t know enough to know anything, and the experts didn’t know it either. Our reaction was fear.

We did what we were asked. We’ve taken refuge. We washed our hands and stayed at home, amazed at every accidental scratch on our breath when we somehow got a new illness. We were scared, but we didn’t know what we were afraid of.

Only 50 days later we know more. We’ve got a mountain of data. Much of this data needs to be deconstructed and presented, and many of the older models are more akin to trendy interviewing than to generating data tailored to the variety of conditions required for a known application.

What is said about the new Italian standard has nothing to do with what is said about the new New York standard and has nothing to do with what is said about the SLA district. The lack of PPE in the country has never been as great as in Slow County. There is no correlation between the number of deaths in New York City and the number of deaths in SLO County.

The disease has affected people all over the world in very different ways and all national strategies have used some form of blockade. Even Sweden, against much speculation, has gradually introduced more and more restrictions. In some countries there is strict isolation. The United States behaved moderately compared to them.

Each company acted in accordance with its own laws and traditions. The United States had acted in accordance with its constitution and the fifty-day-old asylum applications constituted a conflict of interpretation that had not been resolved.

We have all taken refuge voluntarily, and patience is running out for some more quickly than for others. Some have started receiving unemployment benefits above 40 hours. Some of them have switched from paid work to work without income. Some have seen his 401K drop 30%.

The economy collapsed when we took a break. We’ve been waiting for the real news. On a national level we have lotteries, shows and melodramas. On the spot our district health and administration staff discovered the music and did their job. Compared to other places, even California, our officials have managed the global pandemic in San Luis Obispo County at the highest level.

Reports from experts around the world continue to contradict each other in an effort to clarify globally that the issue of the virus affecting communities in different ways is an exercise in futility that creates local divisions because people claim that the virus is irrelevant in its continuing predilection for confirmation.

Therefore, data will not solve our problems with KOVID-19, even if it is a way to rediscover them.

Of course, we don’t know everything about the disease. But we know enough. We’re going to live with it, not destroy it. How we live with it the discussion will continue, but we don’t know for how long.

Some are waiting for their rebirth. No expert knows what that means. So we return to the fear without knowing it. Some models predict millions of deaths, as originally predicted. These projections feed fear and division. The facts bring us closer together.

Cold stores

To date, 255,000 deaths due to KOVID-19 have been recorded worldwide since Wuhan’s breakthrough in December. Almost 160,000 people die every day in the world without VIDOC-19 for all reasons. VIDOC-19 is responsible for 1.3% of the daily deaths in the world. In the United States, where we have 2.8 million deaths per year, VIDOC-19 now accounts for 2.5 percent of all deaths per year. It’s important. It is a pandemic and we took it seriously, but in the United States, 4.5 percent of the deaths in 2019 were due to poverty. There has been no poverty emergency, no implementing decisions – in fact, people have decided to rely on poverty as the lesser of two evils for fear of the coronavirus. The results of this bet are not yet known. The dice haven’t been rolled yet.

Ironically, COVID-19 poses a disproportionate threat to poor communities.

It may seem painful or cold-hearted analytically to fight this pandemic with figures, but in reality it is the way governments make their decisions. It’s always the way governments make decisions. Have you completed the questionnaire for the 2020 census?

Up and down, up and down, up and down…

The world has been touched by COVID-19 and we will continue this journey together. In the early days of the shelter we all knew it was over, as always. The optimism of 2020 has been swept over Los Angeles as smog after a week of asylum.

Based on the data at our disposal, we have acknowledged that we are deliberately plunging the world economy into an unprecedented crisis in order to save as many lives as possible.

We knew we were going to sacrifice the economy. We did it anyway. I don’t know if most of us would do anything different if we had the chance to start over. We saved the weak, or rather the elderly – at least we tried. It worked, if you look at the stats. It didn’t work when you look at the life of the individual and those who loved and trusted him. We have lost tens of thousands of lives in the United States because of Covid-19, and every week we lose tens of thousands more for other reasons. COWID-19 is just one of these causes, and the first 50 days will be one of the main causes of death in the United States, classified by heart disease (№ 1) and cancer (№ 2).

core service

When faced with this pandemic, human lives are at stake at global, national, state and district levels. It’s also about housing, livelihoods, future and communities – not quantity, but quality of life. Some will never be able to recover what’s been lost.

In response to the pandemic seven and a half weeks ago, some of them were able to continue their work in defining basic services.

At the time it was a complex concept, and now it doesn’t work anymore. When it comes to feeding a family, my business is very important and I am not alone in this. As a newspaper, we are listed as a large company, but we are part of a dynamic economy that is preserved in its nature by the First Amendment, but we are not a large company. We’re an extension of the business world.

It was our job to observe and report on developments that were confusing even for the experts. When cognitive dissonance arose in the community about the viability of the community under asylum, interactions took place in the most important forms that would otherwise be forbidden. For example, we could pack Costco or Walmart freely, but not parks or beaches (in some cases) and certainly not small shops.

basic orientations

Instead of feeding the frustration on both sides of a very divided community, we decided to follow the leaders.

Our District Chiefs have shown exceptional leadership and maturity in following pandemic asylum orders by deciding to lead a community between two walls of insanity. One side is called the outbreak delusional. The other party called the safe operation of the company during the pandemic a deception.

As usual, the small businesses that make our community what it is, as well as the district chiefs on both sides, were captured and went on strike.

None of us wanted anyone to die from COVID-19, but none of us wanted to give up life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. We are caught between two things we love – enjoying our freedom and entrepreneurship and protecting the lives of those we love.

It wasn’t the government that stopped the economy. It was us – a very large majority. The same majority by which each candidate in each province and state is elected.

We closed for a very good reason. We didn’t know enough, and we care about people’s lives.

But now we know. We now know without a doubt that more people will die, and we have statistics about who has the right to do so. We know them. They’re our friends, neighbors and family. These are people we don’t know, whether in nursing homes or alone. It was our community leaders who founded the company before we shone in the eyes of our parents.

We know them. That’s us.

Our local company has had more luck than any other. We’ve lost one life, and we could lose more. People will also turn away from other causes. We are recovering as a society and VIDOC-19 is no longer the only disease we worry about. We’ve incorporated it into our new standard. New York City, like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan and other states, spends more time on it, but also adapts.

We won’t trade lives by opening up again. It’s not even an exchange for quality of life.

What we have now is the price, the face of reality. The reality is that the new disease is among us, not to eradicate it quickly, but to live with it and adapt to it.

We are lucky to have real global leadership from the ASO country. We volunteered to do what we did to save our locals from an unknown disease. Our local county leaders, Dr. Penny Borenstein and Wade Horton, know that we want to resume our work and our free time, as well as our forms of worship, spirituality and ecstasy, and they are very good at meeting those expectations.

As a province, we could have destroyed the state system so far. We need the neighborhoods around us and the cooperation of the state to restore our mental health and our normal lives. This is not only a state order, but also a broader economic reality that requires cooperation. Our province is not an island.

The department bosses can leave now.

We did our best. Health care, including homes for the elderly and other care facilities, must now make its contribution.

Our personal responsibility

What do we do now? The only common response is usual.

Borenstein and Horton have always praised the people of our riding for our efforts, and it is well deserved.

We’ve slowed the spread and levelled the curve. We left immediately and washed our hands while our front lines served us during the crisis. We did it to save lives – some we knew, some we didn’t, but they were all part of us, part of our nation, and part of our loved ones.

We must not rest on our laurels. We must face our reality together and keep this virus at a manageable level, but we must no longer be afraid. We no longer have to hide in fear.

We know this disease, and we know ourselves. We stopped the spread, not eradicated the disease. He is here and he will continue to cause sickness and death.

We’ve also lost a lot in the last seven weeks and we’ll never come back. This loss is innumerable and individualized. Some of them have had to reach new levels of activity in times of economic growth – a broad approach that includes new entrepreneurs, business expansion, pension plans or potential assessments of the sector in the process of sale or merger.

We’ve all lost something, and we don’t want to lose any more. We almost all agree that we have lost a way of life that may never come back.

We have seen the world go through five stages of mourning, with acceptance and nomination. We have experienced denial, anger, negotiation and depression.

But the end result is always the same: acceptance.

If we all remember that we have found refuge in life and are now free, we can begin to rediscover the pursuit of happiness.

It’ll be different for everyone, but we’ve all retained these inalienable rights because they… inalienable… and as long as we respect the fact that they are there for others as they are for us, we will preserve them for our future.

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