Lebron James Goes Off Twitter On The Murder of Ahmad Arbery

After this week’s release of a video showing the final moments before the fatal shooting of two white men by Ahmaud Arbery – an unarmed black man who had just walked – Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James twittered to express his anger.

James has expressed his indignation and he wants justice for Arbury. The NBA star is also happy with the treatment of black men in America, and angry that colored people don’t feel safe leaving their homes. According to the Arbury family, the 25-year-old was jogging when two men – Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34 – chased him and shot him through Georgia.

We hunt literally every day/everytime we exceed the comfort of our homes! I can’t even run a damn race! Are you trying to play me like a WTF man? None of you will kill me! Forgive Amo (rest in paradise) and my prayers and blessings to … . Picture.twitter.com/r1PNxs8Vgn

– Lebron James (@KingJames) 6. May 2020.

We are literally ALWAYS chased / We ALWAYS go beyond the comfort of our homes! I can’t even run a damn race! Are you trying to play me like a WTF man? None of you will kill me! Forgive Amoda (resting in heaven) and my prayers and blessings sent to heaven, to your family, tweeted James.

James also posted a photo of Arbury with the message as if the victim had written it himself. It’s reading: I was killed by an armed father and son who tracked me down and shot me while jogging in the Georgian region. None of my killers have been charged. My name is Amhaud Arbury.

According to CBS News, Arbury was walking in the Branswick, Georgia area when Gregory and Travis McMichael reportedly met Arbury before Travis shot him twice with a shotgun.

A police report indicates that Gregory McMichael, a former police officer, told the police that he considered Arbury a suspect in a robbery and ordered him to stop running. He also claims that Arbury attacked Travis brutally and that two of them fought over the gun before Travis shot and killed him twice.

I’m running for #AhmaudAubrey this weekend. Who’s with me? Pic.twitter.com/jDMYsvPwUL.

– Brynn ❄️ (@pcbrynn) 8. May 2020.

The incident took place on the 23rd. February, but the case was pushed by several prosecutors in Georgia because McMichael had previously worked for the local prosecutor, leading to a conflict of interest.

More than two months later – and after the video was released – police finally arrested Gregory and Travis McMichaels and charged them both with murder and grievous bodily harm. They were arrested and taken into Glynn County Jail.

He walked the streets every day, he was hunted like an animal and he was killed, said Ahmod Arbury’s mother, Wanda Jones. I hope everyone involved gets charged and goes to jail.


The eighth. May would be the 26th. In honor of Ahmod Arberi and his memory, people would walk 2.23 miles across the country.


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