New Delhi (India), November 3: Jagritee Singh stands as a beacon of hope in a world where disparities are rampant and justice often seems elusive for the underprivileged. Born and raised amidst the glaring imbalances of Indian society, she was influenced from a young age by personal experiences and stories around her. Each sheds light on the cracks within the judicial system. This early exposure moulded her resolve. Today, she stands tall and is renowned as the ‘Inspiring Lawyer’, dedicating her life to fighting for the rights of the downtrodden.

She often recounted tales where legal complexities entangled innocent individuals due to their lack of resources. These stories deeply resonated with her, sowing the seeds of empathy and determination. This foundational experience steered her path, making her one of the most outspoken advocates for justice in her community.

Witnessing numerous instances of injustice, especially towards women, workers, farmers, and the impoverished, Jagritee took a solemn vow. She resolved to use her legal prowess to ensure that the scales of justice tilted in favour of those who were often silenced. Her declaration that the law in future India will be equal for everyone regardless of their socio-economic background is not just a statement but a mission she passionately pursues.

Jagritee is currently preparing to practice in the high court. What sets her apart is her commitment to take on cases, especially pertaining to rape and financial discrepancies, pro bono. For Jagritee, justice isn’t a business; it’s a duty.

Jagritee’s Monumental Contribution

In a society often divided by class, caste, and financial status, Jagritee Singh’s contributions are groundbreaking. She not only champions the cause of justice but also embodies it. For instance, she often offers her legal services without fees to the marginalized sections. With this, she directly confronts the notion that quality legal representation is a luxury only for the elite.

Moreover, Jagritee doesn’t stop at merely winning cases. Half of her earnings from the cases she does charge for are channelled towards uplifting the community. In doing so, she not only secures justice within the courtroom but ensures that its impact reverberates outside, transforming lives.

Sangharsh Jagritee Singh Foundation: Pioneering Change

While Jagritee’s legal crusades are commendable, her efforts towards sustainable change are further amplified by the Sangharsh Jagritee Singh Foundation. This NGO is not just a testament to her commitment but also a structured platform that aids the underprivileged. With 50% of Jagritee’s earnings fueling the foundation, it ensures that monetary support consistently reaches those who need it the most.

The foundation’s primary focus isn’t just on legal battles. It branches out into various sectors, from education and health to livelihood and skill training. The Sangharsh Jagritee Singh Foundation addresses the root causes of societal imbalances. Thus, it aims to craft a society where the need for legal battles diminishes, and justice becomes a way of life. Their outreach programs, community initiatives, and emphasis on grassroots development further underscore their holistic approach to instigating positive societal change.

Jagritee Singh and her foundation embody the change that the world needs today. She offers her unwavering dedication and the foundation’s structured support to society. Thus, they together ensure that justice does not come under a term confined to legal textbooks but a tangible reality for all.

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