Jordan Duncan: COVID Fired Police Officer-19 Protest

Jordan Duncan


Officer Jordan Duncan

Police officer Jordan Duncan says he was fired by the Lodi Police Department in California when he challenged state orders for a coronavirus in his home, according to his wife and the GoFundMe site, which should help him.

Duncan is the son of John Duncan, a preacher from Lodi, who contests the state ordinance because it violates religious freedom.

He’s my son. He’s a good and noble man. It stands up for what is right, refuses to close businesses and does not rob people of their livelihoods and freedom. When no one else was brave, he was, wrote Reverend Duncan on his Facebook page.
The GoFundMe site was created by Jenny Miller to help Officer Duncan. Until the 13th. By May 2020, she had raised more than $26,000. Police Officer Jordan Duncan was recently released from the Lodi Police Department in California because he was interrogated and eventually relinquished the house arrest order, he said.

According to CBS Local, Duncan worked with police for four months and city officials did not say he was fired, but confirmed the April separation date and pointed to a recent decision that said staying in the house was legal and that police could not choose which laws to apply.

The TV station reported that the return letters were written on a car parked in Duncan’s driveway. Havy contacted Chief Lodi and the two Duncans and asked them for comments.

Here’s what you need to know:

An employee of GoFundMe Page says that Duncan has donated his own cost of living and his wife says he does not want to close the files.

Duncan’s wife, Anna Duncan, posted this quote on her Facebook page: The only thing necessary for the victory of evil is that good people do nothing.

She wrote on the first one. Mei:

This also applies to criminal prosecution! Three weeks ago my husband was fired by the Lodi police for questioning these unconstitutional orders. He addressed his superiors and presented case law to defend his position. He didn’t want to close someone’s business and ruin his livelihood and then his life. He has sworn to uphold the constitution because it is the highest law in the country. It’s time to get up! Law enforcement officers have the right to vote and must make decisions. If they don’t start raising their voices now and just follow orders, they could be involved in the violation of our rights. We need officers who can bravely defend the Constitution. What I saw on Capitol Hill today is not what I saw. We’re peaceful protesters. There was no need to threaten tear gas or make arrests.

The GoFundMe site says that Duncan did not want to ruin the lives of citizens and small entrepreneurs.

Officer Duncan sacrificed his own livelihood instead of destroying the lives of civilians and small entrepreneurs and closing churches through the use of force, which he should have done by order of his superiors, he said.

Officer Duncan and his wife are good friends. I know her well, and I’ve known her family for years. You have two very young children and they need your help and support! The funds received are transferred to Duncan and his family for overhead and legal advice. Let’s show this brave officer how much we appreciate his position, his honor and his sacrifice.

The GoFundMe page is full of good wishes. I admire your discretion and your awareness of the role common sense plays in such circumstances. I thank you for your honesty with the people, not with the government, a woman wrote.

Thanks, Jordan. May the Lord bless you through this process. Sometimes it is difficult for us to do what is right, but the Lord makes these trials blessings for His glory and, in the long run, for your good.

The man who made the donation wrote that he hoped that Officer Duncan’s writing would give him a national voice in these matters: I made a donation because I believe that the people who stand behind all of us, who do not have the means to make a living, should be able to count on us, on the people. I hope you will continue to be the national voice of integrity and honor in the law enforcement community.

The man, who claims to be a friend of Jordan, wrote on Reverend Duncan’s Facebook page:

Jordan’s my friend. He has NEVER refused a direct order to force the closure of churches or businesses. He went to his sergeant and said that what they were doing was unconstitutional and that such orders had never been given before. He also stated that any official who does so will be personally open to complaints. After four years in the sheriff’s department, he came to Lodi. I can say a lot more. Believe me, he’s a good and honest man. Contact your local authority. We need good cops, and he’s got a family to feed.

Duncan is the son of Reverend Lodi John Duncan, who organized services on the streets after the police authorities ordered the church not to meet within the perimeter of.

Pastor John Duncan of the Christian Centre for Crusader Culture tells us how police blocked Palm Sunday services on Sunday the 5th. April 2020, amidst the coronavirus crisis in Lodi. Later, Duncan offered to pray and preach alongside his community. Video on : Daniel Kim READ MORE: More from The Bee of Sacramento : Subscription: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Subscription to digital news:

According to CBS Local, Jordan Duncan’s father is Reverend Lodi John Duncan. One of Jordan’s neighbors called this agent at CBS: He’s a great guy, a great guy. He’s probably one of the fairest things the police have. Like I said, he was put in a difficult position.

The KRCA reported that medical and law enforcement officials have ordered the closure of the John Duncan Christian Cross Cultural Centre. According to the KRKA, the church was closed for services on Palm Sunday.

The health officer has sent a decree to the church forbidding meetings.

According to ABC 10, the church was finally celebrated on the street and John Duncan reported on television: We’re, like, a church, pretty tough. Of course we hope and pray that the church will soon be considered necessary.

Constable Duncan is married with children.

Pictures on his Facebook page show Officer Duncan married with two children. His site is full of family photos. His wife posted it on Facebook: We are shocked by the generosity of ❤️. A big thank you to everyone who has donated/shared. More information will be available soon. My husband’s waiting for his lawyer. Thank you, Jenny Miller, for opening this GFM account.

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