Is Moro the Former Destruction God?

The latest Dragon Ball super-arch has joined the franchise of an impressive new villain named the Planet Eater Moro. And although Moro is cut from the same fabric as some of Dragon Ball Z’s classic villains, it’s also something refreshingly new. As Dragonball fans learned in the Galactic Patrol of the Manga Ark prisoner, Moreau’s story goes back ten million years, when an evil wizard terrorized the cosmos with an insatiable murder that only the Great Kai could prevent. This genesis and many other clues in the Galactic Patrol Arch now allow Dragonball fans to ask themselves one big question:

Is Moreau the ancient god of destruction?

In case you’re not clear (yet), in the elaborate legend of the Super Dragon Ball, the Gods of Destruction are gods who selectively destroy creatures or worlds that endanger their universe. It’s a rather fickle role in the series; the Destroyer is neither bad nor good in the traditional Dragon Ball sense – he only destroys and/or kills in the way necessary to sustain life on a larger scale in the universe. It’s not heroic or evil, it’s just the power of space.

There is strong evidence that Moreau may once have been the god of destruction:

  • He looks down on almost all creatures, even warriors like Goku and Vegeta, who are far below him. This may be the typical arrogance of the villain, but it also seems that Moro is in fact a being above the typical mortal.
  • Moro admits that Goku’s form of ultra-instinct is not a deadly technique, suggesting that the perpetrator has a complicated knowledge of what divine powers are – a rather rare thing, for anyone outside the divine order.
  • At the height of his power, Moreau was stronger than the Supreme Grand Kai. The Supreme Kai had to sacrifice his divine power and seal Moro’s magic by letting the criminal go to jail.

Given his level of power, his age (more than 10 million years) and his knowledge of divine events and forces, it seems very likely that Moro’s connection with the gods is a direct result of the time he spent within their order. Such a turn of events will certainly unbalance Goku and Vegeta and perhaps cause a fallout that will bring them back into conflict with the Beer and the gods of destruction.

Moreau’s character also corresponds to the figure of an ideal candidate for the position of the god of destruction. The Edoch planet literally feeds by consuming the vitality of the planets and their inhabitants – it kills for food and almost freezes in its destruction. But the problem with Moreau is that he’s insatiable: It would be easy to see how the title of God of the destruction of the docks would have been taken away from him if he had begun to consume a life that was not marked as a threat to the universal order.

Do you believe Moreau’s eating planet was the god of destruction? Let us know what you think!

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