Howie Roseman opens up about lack of moves at WR


The Philadelphia Eagles hoped to attack this off-season NFL with a game plan based on giving quarterback Carson Wentz more weapons in agility positions.

However, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman withdrew slightly on Thursday. Roseman spoke specifically about the Philadelphia Admissions Corps and said the organization sees the group differently from the public through Eagles reporter Jeff McLean.

Howie Roseman at #Eagles’ position on the WR position so far this season We see our situation with the beneficiary differently than in public. He stated that it is not advantageous for them to have 20-20 evaluations carried out of the evolution of the stealth alcohol market (no compensation is paid).

– Jeff McLane (@Jeff_McLane) 26. March 2020.

It appears that Eagles at least made a preliminary overview of the prices charged by DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs, although they did not deduct any transactions.

Although Roseman pointed out there was no benefit in hindsight, the Eagles may have missed a great opportunity to operate in a tight recipient market that did not attract many fans or guaranteed funds.

Veteran Emmanuelle Sanders and speedster Robbie Anderson signed two-year contracts for just over $20 million, which would be a good value for the Eagles.

Roseman may believe in Alshon Jeffrey and DeShan Jackson, although Eagle fans have no particular reason to share this belief.

Last season, Jeffrey played only 10 games for injury after missing three games in 2018. Jackson seemed to be able to restart his career with the old team, but after surgery he was transferred to an injured reserve to repair the heart muscle.

The Eagles are not the only ones doubting the guest market. There are some good prospects for this group of beneficiaries in the future, and it seems that most teams with such a positioning should have hope of solving them in April.

However, fans of Philadelphia may be skeptical about the team, given the receiver’s shortcomings in recent years.

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