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New Delhi (India), June 2: On the occasion of “World No Tobacco Day,” Heabal India, a prominent company, unveiled its groundbreaking product, the “Heabal Tea Cigarette,” during a prestigious event held at The Leela Hotel in the capital city. This innovative cigarette stands apart as it contains no tobacco or nicotine, being composed entirely of natural tea. The primary objective of Heabal Tea cigarettes is to provide smokers with the easiest way to quit smoking, helping them distance themselves from the detrimental effects of tobacco and nicotine. Given the vast number of individuals worldwide who have become ensnared by the habit of smoking cigarettes laden with tobacco and nicotine, Heabal India has introduced this unique tea cigarette that purports to reduce smoking addiction from the very first use.

Crafted from the finest tea leaves, Heabal Tea cigarettes offer an invigorating smoking experience devoid of tobacco or nicotine, promising a satisfying taste. The company asserts that it has devised a secure solution to aid India in becoming a tobacco and nicotine-free nation, potentially saving the lives of individuals who consume numerous cigarettes per day. By embracing Heabal Tea cigarettes, these individuals can break free from their addiction and embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle right from their initial use. Heabal India is starting their revolution to make India a smoke-free nation.

During the launch of the “Heabal Tea Cigarette,” Shridhar Deshpande, the Managing Director and CEO of Heabal India, spoke to the media about the motivation behind this tobacco and nicotine-free tea cigarette. Deshpande stated, “We have introduced a new, safe method of tea cigarettes to address the escalating smoking habit prevalent among people. Through this innovative product, we aim to liberate individuals from the clutches of addiction.” Jyoti Ralhan, the Sales Director of Heabal India, praised the tea cigarette as an exceptional solution for smokers seeking to quit, while spokesperson Archita Kashyap emphasized Heabal’s commitment to providing a superior experience for smokers.

In a world where a significant portion of the population battles with the habit of smoking tobacco and nicotine-laden cigarettes, “Heabal Tea Cigarettes” emerges as a safe and enjoyable method to help them quit. By opting for this innovative product, smokers can avoid the detrimental health effects associated with smoking, all while minimizing harm to the environment. This remarkable endeavour undertaken by Heabal India represents a distinctive experiment and initiative aimed at promoting smoking cessation and inspiring individuals to embrace a healthy, tobacco-free, and nicotine-free lifestyle.

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