Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], June 4: ‘Ghanikhama,’ which translates to welcome, aspires to educate, mentor, and motivate everyone who wants to get into online business.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that business flows in the veins of this young Marwari from Gujarat. Obviously!

“There’s nothing too technical, too serious or difficult about online selling. A 16-year-old or a 60-year-old, stay at home mother or working women, newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur- all can do and flourish in the online market. You just need some guidance, some motivation and a little push and that’s exactly what Ghanikhama does,” says a beaming Prashant, the man behind the show – the founder and CEO of Ghanikhama.

So how does Ghanikhama do this?

“We believe that the basics form the foundation of any knowledge, and hence we begin with the ABC of E-commerce. All the aspirants are educated such that they learn to do online business from scratch. Our e-book has all the theoretical and logical information about the online business, including some case studies.” The e-book has been written by Prashant Gandhi and Aanchal Hingle, who share an experience of over a decade.

Then there are live video training sessions that illustrate the theory and get the aspirants into practical learning mode. All the aspirants are given a road map to establish their business, and they take steps under the mentorship of Prashant. They report about their daily task flow and update how their objectives are being pursued in accordance with the set road map.

Whenever they face a problem, they discuss it in video meetings. This not only gets a solution but also spreads the knowledge to other students of the batch. In addition, each student discusses the progress of his endeavour.

Although Prashant believes that the aspirants should figure out the ‘whats ‘and ‘hows’ and ‘wheres’ of their business on their own because that is how they will master the art, he helps them if they need his support.

Traveller at heart, talkative and jolly, Prashant left his top job in an Ecommerce giant to pursue his own business. Famous as Ghumakkar Gandhi amongst his peers, he loves travelling to historical places, caves, mountains, and MARKETS!

From an E-commerce professional to an entrepreneur and now a mentor, Prashant’s journey is as interesting as navigating through the products on an online portal.

He began his stint with Ecommerce in 2013 and has explored a variety of categories. Living in the commercial hub – Ahmedabad, procurement was easy. Though E-Commerce was in its nascent stage in India, the bylanes of Gujarat were rife with opportunities for smart sellers.

With Ghanikhama, he had tapped the nerves of the online market and knew where the bull’s eye was and hit right there with élan beginning with gifts, jewellery, and other merchandise, all of which need nuances in photography and inventory management. In just one year, they reached seven figures! Presently the company has a catalogue of over 8000 listings across the different E-commerce platforms. Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart, he takes these names as frequently as he breathes! Ask him about the most profound or technical question about these, and he will have the correct answer!

“The figures I have reached were after a lot of research, failures, some luck and a lot of hard work,” says Prashant.

Prashant kept sailing across the sea of e-commerce, and he made several friends on the way.

A typical Gujarati believes that business is not just about how you sell things as much as it is about how you can sell yourself. He built a persona and an identity, open to discuss his success, secrets, failures, and strategies. Quite unknowingly, people who heard him understood that this man is different. His expertise and knowledge are contagious, and his willingness to spread both make Ghanikhama a great learning place for online marketing.

He began training one on one without expecting anything in return and Ghanikhama came into being. He knew how the beginners struggle and how to guide them. There is one thing called educating and mentoring; Ghanikhama goes beyond that. They hold the hands of their students until they hit the goal.

There is a chunk of young inexperienced, and even experienced entrepreneurs getting into the online selling bandwagon. They are pumped up, hopeful, and their entrepreneur wings are eager to flap in the online air. But, unfortunately, many invest money, time, and effort but end up with losses. Prashant knows what mistakes the beginners make, thanks to his decade-old experience.

The uniqueness in Prashant’s method is, he never puts financial pressure on anyone. Instead, he asks the person, what amount can you invest at ease? All the plans right from selecting products, procurement, and scaling up are devised to match the person’s comfort.

While consultants may give you advice and help with problems, Prashant lets his students face the blockages and then brainstorm for solutions. He helps them where they struggle but letting them free in the business field helps them understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of business.

“The best business lessons are learnt while rummaging around the market. No videos no Zoom sessions can teach you that. Online selling is different from traditional selling. There are some intricacies, challenges, and principles that form the ground rules of E-commerce. While we help them with the science of business with whatever knowledge we have, we want them to learn the logic and develop the art of business. Isn’t business an art too?” he says.

The digital and online market is full of noise. For a seller to make his voice heard, he has to channelize his aspirations and strength in the correct direction. Prashant taps the pulse of his students and understands that each of them is unique. He knows how to make each one heard, rise, and thrive in the giant E-commerce industry, initially with his support and later alone; though he promises that his sessions may last a few weeks, but his hand holding is for a lifetime.

We asked him, “Do you intend to make mentoring your full-time profession?” He says, “No! Mentoring will never be my main profession. It is a part of Ghanikhama, as well as my hobby and passion. For us, our students are our investment and their success will make us rich. It’s not for my pocket but for my heart. I see the beginner me in each of them.”

If you are thinking about launching your business online, you know that Prashant is your go-to person.

Reach him at https://youtube.com/c/GhumakkarGandhi or prashant4044@gmail.com