Every Toronto Raptors NBA trade deadline has ever moved


Toronto Raptors is a relatively new NBA franchise. The only current Canadian NBA franchise that played its first season in 1995 does not have the glorious history that many other NBA franchises have.

At the same time, the Raptors protect the champions, and they would never have reached the position they are in today if they hadn’t made a number of deals with the NBA in time over the years. The good and bad decisions made at the end of February allowed the Raptors to become the franchise they are today.

22. February 1996

Toronto takes over the Sharone Wright Center, Philadelphia 76, in exchange for a few strikes against Tony Massenburg and Ed Pinkney.

Despite the fact that in 1995 all newcomers were invited to the 76th edition of SOCRATES. Wright couldn’t stand the excitement in Toronto. Wright suffered numerous injuries in a serious car accident and played just over two seasons with the Raptors.

20. February 1997

In Milwaukee Bucks, the Raptors exchanged guard Shawn Respert for the guard, giving up big shot Acey Earl.

Next season the Raptors played 74 games for the Raptors, with an average of 5.5 points for 15.0 minutes per game.

22. February 2001

The kidnappers sent veteran guards Muggsy Bogues and Mark Jackson to the New York Knicks. Toronto in turn bought player Chris Childs and a pickup truck for the first round in 2002, which was part of the Seattle Supersonics.

The Raptors also exchanged striker Jerome Williams and center forward Eric Montros, who sent Tyrone Corbin, Cornel David and Corliss Williamson, as well as a 2005 pickup from Orlando Magic, in return.

22. February 2007

Travellers from Portland sent a 28-year-old guard, Juan Dixon, to the Raptors in exchange for the wing of five-year-old Fred Jones.

Dixon will play 62 games for Toronto over the next 18 months, averaging 7.1 points per game in 17.9 minutes.

21. February 2008

In less than a year the Raptors sent Dixon to Detroit Pistons for a 2 meter Slovenian Primož Brezezec center and for financial reasons.

Despite his impressive size, Brezec only survived half the season in Toronto, where he played an average of only 8.5 minutes per game.

13. February 2009

The Raptors sent Jamario Moon, Germaine O’Neill, to Miami Heat in 2010 in exchange for Marcus Banks and Sean Marion 2011.

This first selection round in 2011 will then be moved to Toronto, where they have chosen Jonas Valančiūnas as the fifth in the series.

19. February 2009

Toronto sent a second-rate pickup truck to the Boston Celtics in 2014 in exchange for a seven-foot Patrick O’Briant.

The Raptors then sold Will Solomon’s rights to the Sacramento Kings for a second selection round in 2014.

O’Briant played little for the Raptors and retired a year later.

15. March 2012

During the lock-out season, the Raptors sent security guard Leandro Barbosa to Indiana Pakers and in return received a second part of 2012 and financial compensation.

21. February 2013

Raptors purchased by Sebastian Telfire, 27, the leader of the Phoenix Sun, and the rights to the Center 2 of Hamed Haddadi, the second worst cyclist in 2014 and the replacement of cycling in 2015 by Phoenix.

Once considered one of the best academic opportunities of all time, a career at NBA Telfair was a great disappointment. His short stay with the Raptors was no different, as he played only 13 games of 14.2 minutes each for the league.

20. February 2014

The Raptors added the French Nando De Colo wing of the Spurs of San Antonio and traded the first round of Austin Dye Peak and monetary considerations.

The Colo would have played 21 games with the Raptors this season, an average of 3.1 points in 9.1 minutes before returning to Europe.

23. February 2017

After a short stay in Toronto, the Raptors traded power supplier Jared Sallinger for the Phoenix in exchange for PJ Tucker. The kidnappers included a second-round bet in 2017 and 2018, as well as monetary considerations in the Sun Agreement.

Tucker only played 24 games in Toronto before being sold to the Houston Rockets, where he is now the starting point for his ultra-small team.

8. February 2018

After three and a half years of uninspired Toronto, the Raptors sent former Kings of Sacramento first round pickup artist Bruno Kabloko to shoot for guard Malachi Richardson for a second year.

Richardson played in Toronto for barely a year and a half. The former Syracuse star has participated in 22 games this season and played only 4.7 minutes per game.

7. February 2019

In the team’s last agreement, Raptors acquired the Mark Gasol launch facility in Memphis Grizzly in exchange for a package with C.J. Miles, Delon Wright, Jonas Valanciunas and a two-tower pickup truck in 2024.

While Valanciunas, Wright and Miles have enjoyed success far from Toronto, Gasol has been an integral part of the Raptors of Candidates in recent years, although he no longer shows all the star performances he did in Memphis.

On the same day Toronto also sent a former Greg Monroe Top 10 van and a second 2021 van to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for cash payments.

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