The online launch took place on 15th August 2021 to symbolize India’s transition into a new era of Electric Vehicles

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], August 27: Autobot India, a leading and growing startup company in the EV domain that provides specialized and customized solutions to the automotive and education sector, announced the online launch of Autobot Academy on the occasion of 15th August 2021, our 75th Independence Day to mark the evolution of the EV industry in the country.

As the undisputed service provider to the EV industry, Autobot India wants to fill the gap of trained experts required in the EV industry, which is growing at a rapid pace. Autobot academy is collaborating with Automotive companies, startups & universities and helping in building EVs in their offering or curriculum. They are working towards providing a blended model of training for people who want to learn about EVs and get hands-on training. In their blended model, they offer seamless connectivity to the students to get hands-on learning in online as well as offline mode. The certified candidate can join the EV industry with the support given by Autobot India. To date, Autobot Academy has successfully managed around 5000+ hours of green learning and has onboarded around 2000+ EV learners, which has, in turn, benefited more than 25 industry partners who collaborated with Autobot India.

The online session which brought the best in the industry was moderated by Mr. Imran Saikh from Autobot India. Some of the speakers from the session were Mr. Vineet Kumar Singh / MG Motors India, Mr. Arindam Lahiri /ASDC India, Mr. Narsimham K. V. / Quanteone Powertrain, Mr. Nakul Kukar / Cell Propulsion, and Mr. Vinod Midha/ Atal Incubation and Mr. Ashwini Tiwary / Autobot India.

The discussion began with a 1-year celebration of EV Specialized learning platform Autobot Academy to which Mr. Vineet Singh, MG Motors India, added, “After three batches of training with Autobot, they are looking forward to the development of EV education, and he recognizes the potential that EV has on the market.”

Ashwini Tiwary, Co-Founder& CEO, Autobot Academy, said, “Autobot completed four years of its startup journey and has developed and evolved tremendously ever since. India has witnessed a major transition in the EV industry, and Autobot Academy is an extension of that transformation. Our efforts are also in line with the Make in India initiative of the Hon’ble PM. We wish to make India self-sufficient in terms of EV machinery and equipment and also aim to provide technical consultancy to help the industry grow.”

Most of the partners agreed that the Autobot specialized courses and its blended learning platform has been acting as a perfect alternate program for upskilling and building capability for EV aspirants or people in Auto Industry who want to upgrade themselves. Autobot India plans for further collaborations with its clients in the EV domain. The automobile industry is experiencing some massive transitions, and adapting to change is the only key to success. Autobot Academy aims to build platforms and solutions that offer specialized and customized programs which would help them scale and transition to the Global level.