In Lenovo Israel’s gaming academy for Fortnight players, Asif served as the captain of the team as a veteran fighting fox (Fortnite) in 2020

February 01: It is amazing to know and learn about all those individuals who make sure to attain excellence before clinching success. All these individuals and professionals ensure to give in their best and go ahead in attaining massive momentum and success in all that they choose to lay their hands on. Among the many industries rocked by such talented beings, the gaming niche is one which has perhaps seen the maximum rise of such individuals. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such extremely passionate and driven professional, gamer, content creator, and entrepreneur named Asif Bezalel, aka Deduction (DED) from Israel.

Over the years, Asif says that it is commendable to notice how the gaming industry has shown incredible signs of growth, which has given rise to many gamers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and content creators like him. Creating great content in the niche can be, however, quite challenging, but when one cracks the code of success and works around offering the “unique” to others, everything becomes possible, says the young talent.

This young guy has always shown his “A-game” in the industry, which is why today he is known as one of the most prominent names in the vast and ever-evolving industry. In 2020, interestingly, Lenovo Israel’s announced the establishment of a gaming academy for Fortnight players. The program was all about inviting players for joining a customized training program, allowing them to become a part of it without any costs and attain personalized training experience for them to turn from being ordinary players to professional ones. In the program, built by the startup Novos (known for developing advanced technologies for training gamers), gamers were invited to compete for a place in the same in a six-week period. The captain of the team was none other than Asif Bezalel, the veteran fighting fox (Fortnight) and a content creator known for creating compelling gaming content on his YouTube channel with currently 241K subscribers.

He says that in entrepreneurship, be it in any industry; one needs to always create something that can add more value to the people and the audiences they serve. This will help them create their unique selling point and also give an edge to them over others in the industry, known for fierce competition. Since the last few years, Asif Bezalel, aka Deduction (DED) (@asif_bezalel), has been creating content and in such a short span has already created a massive fan following for himself across social media, be it on Instagram or YouTube which he credits to his constant efforts and tenacity in the industry.