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A few months ago Sonakshi Shinha was severely punished because she could not answer the quiz question. It got so bad that #YoSonakshiSoDumb started a trend on Twitter. But instead of resting, the actress tackled it with a hilarious but tough post, which gave the trolls more interesting opportunities for new mimes about her. She quit her job… Agar apeke easter koi kaam nahi aur ita time hai toh please yeh sab pe bhi memes banao na I love memes (sic)

It is not the first time that an actor is confronted with such malice in social networks. Just like the first time she hit back. Sinhas Sonakshi is on the brink of vitriolic attacks, even in the very first film, when the dazzling actor with physical injury was chained to himself.

Singh’s Sonakshi from the very first film is in the reception area of the vitriol attacks; shirt, Marx and Spencer; jeans,
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Rohan Shrestha

Somebody found something, and you’ll remember it forever. No matter how big I get, I’ll always be called fat. It’s very uncomfortable. Mainly because I was overwhelmed at one point and tried to get rid of the extra kilos before I came to Bollywood. I knew it was a visual medium and I had to find a certain way to become an actor. I’m very happy that this stereotype of heroines is slowly collapsing, but when I started, it was very strong. I made sure I met all the requirements to be considered worthy – and yet people still treat me like a fat man, Sonakshi says.

It was a great achievement for me to lose 30 kilos. I’ve never looked so beautiful, and I was proud of it. So I was very moved when people said Oh, she’s too big for an actress. Yeah, I was too fat, but I lost all the extra pounds to be here, she said.

Strong Spirit

Luckily – or unfortunately – Sonakshi was badly bullied because she was too heavy at school, and now she says she is strong enough to survive this phase of her life. I was always plagued by the boys, the girls insulted me. I was a big girl. But slowly I developed a protective mechanism that did not allow me to wallow in insults. It was like I was the guy, whether we took it or not. It really helped me to deal with it and not to get depressed or feel sorry for myself, she says.

Sonakshi was severely bullied at school because of his overweight; Jeans, Zara
Rohan Sresta

According to Sonaksha, her positive way of thinking and her self-confidence have really helped her in such situations. I have always been a very confident person, even when I was bullied and embarrassed at school. I knew it wasn’t just the way I looked. I was very good at sports, debates, games, I had it all. I had no doubt that I was very talented, no matter what I looked like. I didn’t think my trust was thick or anything, she said. I continued on the same path. When I played Lootera (2013), I was standing on my biggest screen and gave you a critically acclaimed performance as a Pakistani. I was at my worst when I played Mission Mangal (2019) and I got a lot of gratitude for playing Eka Gandhi. Your talent has nothing to do with your weight. But it takes talent!

But because she is only human, she was, of course, in the beginning involved in the trawling of social networks. I was new in the industry then, and also new in the world of social media, and I’m going to publish a reaction. But as time went on, I realized that the answers to these questions were little known and that they had few new followers. So now I have a new trick. Every time I’m pressed, I quickly press the lock button! It must be very uncomfortable to try so hard to catch someone in a plaster cast, and not only not react, but cut yourself completely off from them. Trolls shouldn’t pay too much attention, because they only want attention, so they refuse it. She’s laughing out loud.

thousand words

However, Shotgun Shotgun Singh’s daughter, Dabang, never sneaks out when everything is really at stake. It’s not that I don’t react because I’m afraid of the Troll Brigade, I’m not afraid because I think it’s a waste of my energy. I prefer to concentrate on my work or respond to positive and constructive criticism. But if I feel that something requires a reaction, I don’t hesitate to express my thoughts. Just because I’m patient doesn’t mean you’ll get away with it. She says and adds: It also depends a lot on my day and my mood!

Sonakshi believes that social networks should be managed, never the other way around; Jeans, Zara
Rohan Sresta

While an actress uses her Twitter account to write about work-related topics, she loves Instagram. I would like to click and post pictures. So it’s the best platform for me, she says, and adds that she keeps it as authentic as possible, because it’s her way of being in direct contact with her fans, and she doesn’t let her PR team run it. Only social networking articles about film financing are part of my team. Besides, I run my own Insta. I can do so much for my fans! Moreover, I am now fully aware of what I can and cannot place, she says, but she adds that as a private person she cannot place everything that happens in her life. Social networks have to be authentic, but at the same time I won’t let them take over my whole life. You have to manage your social networks, never the other way around.

Sonakshi is also known to give his opinion on social networks and is not subject to taboos. I don’t like interfering with other people’s arguments and talking about other people’s problems. I’m a peaceful person by nature. I don’t like the idea of fighting just for this. Nowadays many people, including some celebrities, happen to say controversial things on social networks just to get in the news and get people talking. This isn’t my scene. I think it’s very, very sticky. I don’t write to be relevant. I write when I want, when I have something to say.

If I feel anything, if I want to raise my voice against anything, I’ll definitely stand up. But you have to be very, very careful with your choice of words. Anything can be misinterpreted or taken out of context, says the actor, who is one of the few Bollywood celebrities who has strongly condemned the recent police violence against students from Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University.

These filters

And Sonakshi gets some of his father’s disrespectful treatment. Shatrugan Singh was and is a famous man who does not underestimate his words. Brilliant examples of his courage and fame can still be found in the columns he wrote for magazines. He’s definitely not a filter man. They call him Shotgun because he’s talking now! And we learned from him, Sonakshi said, adding that like her father, she is not very diplomatic.

At home we grew up with certain values and principles and learned to stand up for them where necessary. We have also learned not to respond to parents and the elderly and to treat everyone with respect. I’ve never crossed the line of what I could insult. But I’m the one who appreciates honesty.

I look a lot like my father. But the difference is that it wasn’t part of a generation of social networks, so it could afford to be unfiltered. I can’t do it! I have to hold the filter, she says.

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From 5 January 2020