Coronavirus UK: The number of self-isolating people is at the lowest level

The number of people isolating themselves drops to its lowest level.

The number of people isolating themselves has dropped to the lowest level (Fig.: PA / Getty Images).

The study found that the percentage of adults who reported isolation during the seven-day period in the UK fell to its lowest level.

Slightly more than one in ten adults (13%) between 28 and 31 years of age is a child. May was interviewed, according to a study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on self-isolation the week before.

This represents less than a fifth (19%) of respondents in the previous week and is now at the lowest level in each week of coronavirus outbreak data collection.

The latest in a series of studies carried out by ONS since the end of March also shows that the percentage of people leaving home for important reasons alone has reached its lowest ever level.

Approximately 63% of people reported having stayed at home for the past seven days and only for work, exercise, basic activities or medical needs.

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This is a decrease of about 10 percentage points compared to the previous survey – the largest decrease between surveys.

The percentage of people who say they have isolated themselves and those who say they have left their home only for essential reasons has fallen since early April.

The survey, to which 1,224 people responded, focused on their behaviour over the past seven days, between 21 and 28 March. Mei.

The guy with the picture in the warehouse...

Approximately 63% of the people indicated staying at home for the last seven days and leaving home alone for work, sports, basic groceries or medical needs (Photo: Amer Ghazzal / REX).

It was the 22nd. May, when the first news appeared that Dominic Cummings’ political assistant drove 260 miles to Durham while his wife was ill.

The next day he was infected with a virus and accused of breaking government blockades, causing fears that the public would increasingly break the rules.

It also follows the change in the Board of Directors of 10. Can stay home and keep watch.

This included encouraging people in England who cannot work from home to return to work when their work is finished, starting at the age of 13. May is open.

More than a quarter (28%) of people over the age of 70 reported isolation in the previous seven days, as did 19% of people with basic health problems.

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Both shares declined compared to last week (36% and 33% respectively).

And one in ten adults reported living in a household where everyone had lived alone for the past seven days, compared to 17 percent the week before and the lowest rate for the whole week.

The ONS warns that some people prefer self-isolation for other reasons, so the results are not an assessment of people with symptoms or diagnoses of Covida-19.

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