Connie Nielsen shares her views on Justice League, Snyder Cut and much more interesting things: read to know all details in this article.

Warner Brothers is about to kick Snyder Kat out of the Justice League. can interview Ippolit Queen Connie Nielsen herself. Connie told about the scene that was filmed at the Theatrical Edition of the Justice League but can be seen in Snyder Cut.

My favorite trick was cut out of a movie and I can’t accept it, it was so cool. I have to run along the wall and turn around in the air, and when I turned around on my way down, one of the monsters escaped. I literally did it for weeks to get it, and then they didn’t put it in. They took it out, they put it in, they took it out… I’m really sorry, because I like tricks, I like to be cool in a movie like this, and then I wish the audience could have seen that part of the cool fighting techniques on Amazon, because they were really cool!

Nielsen also gladly returned for her role in Wonder Woman 1984. She said: It was like coming home. We should see everyone. It was very good. All the girls got together and it was really cool.

Mrs Nielsen was also asked to take over the role of Inspector Dani Beck. She said: Are you kidding me? NO! Because there are literally people who are possessed by hate for him! That’s what I am: Take it easy, guys!×0.jpg There are people who hate Dani Beck professionally, and I didn’t even know they existed until they went to Instagram and started tagging me there. That’s what I am: WHAT? There are people who hate this figure I made 10 years ago when Mariska Hargitai was born. You should thank me. I gave him time to be home with the baby. Instead, some assholes are like that: We hate Dani Beck. Fuck you. I can’t believe it. Law and order is not for chicks, I tell you. You have an incredible shooting schedule.

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