Bangalore, Karnataka [India]: Imagine…you become a CEO of a hundred crore company, at the age of twenty-six. Instantaneously you find yourself head-to-head with a barrage of opinionated taglines like “Nepotism”, “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”. Undoubtedly you will find yourself the subject of lacklustre hypotheses, viz. “Dad must have raked in the big bucks”, “Inherited money! What else?”, “Strong family backing, of course!”

Aditya Narayan CEO of VIEROOTS found himself in the crosshairs of exactly such speculation. He carries the considerable burden of his legendary father’s legacy on his shoulders.


The said gentleman, none other than heavyweight serial entrepreneur Dr.Sajeev Nair. Sajeev’s own journey was arduous and not without struggle, he commenced his wellness career selling nutritional supplements. In 2004 Sajeev associated with a leading doctor, established and operated his own clinic in Kochi. As of today, this veteran accounts for a whopping two decades of work contributed to the wellness industry.

Lesson well learned

Adi, as Aditya Narayan is affectionately known had a modest upbringing. Sajeev made no concessions, a stoic believer of the old school adage, “Be your own man”. Just like most kids in India, Adi grew up with an undying passion for cricket. He recounts an incident when he was ten, competing in a cricket match when he was accidently hurt. The pain was excruciating and he wanted to quit the game. He remembers his father walk up to him and say, “The choice to continue or give up, is yours and yours alone, medically you are fine to continue, the pain is what you have to overcome”. Aditya learned from a young age that only he is the custodian of his own actions; his own decisions will make him the man he will be.

Although a stickler for discipline, Sajeev nurtured empathy, and the desire to help people in Aditya. Adi was never pressured into taking up a career in the medical world, but wellness was omnipresent in his formative years. Just like most boys Adi was a die-hard fan of action figures like Rambo, Terminator, as well as sci-fi movies like X-Men and superhero comics. Little did he know he would be a part of a revolutionary medical breakthrough, involving genetic research abetting wellness and the longevity of mankind.

A Legacy is born

Aditya commenced his career working in an advertising agency in Bengaluru. Although devoted to his work, Adi harboured the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. To become his own boss, to become his own man. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Aditya sought to create a legacy of his own, and since 2018 along with the superlative mentoring of his role model Dad, spearheaded the company VIEROOTS. This wellness and lifestyle concept brings a revolutionary amalgamation of modern science and artificial intelligence and the old-world healing methodology of Ayurveda.

The ab initio phase of selling the concept of VIEROOTS, was a mountain of a challenge. Why? One might be inclined to ask…well Dr.Sajeev Nair was adamant that his name should never be used whenever Adi reached out to experts or potential associates. “Sell the concept for what it stands for, not for who brings it!”

Without the identity, “Son of Dr.Sajeev Nair”, Aditya faced more than a fair share of humiliation and rejection. Who is this young upstart? What has he accomplished? Who does he think he is, pioneering concepts? But Adi plodded on, unrelenting in his quest to create his own legacy.

“My decision IS to continue, to never quit!” and that decision, consequentially made Aditya Narayan, and deservingly so, one of the youngest successful CEOs of India.

Together Sajeev Nair and Aditya Narayan is revolutionising the health and wellness space of India with Vieroots also expanding horizons across continents. The organisation conceived the now trending ‘Super Human’ concept which envisions a human to actualise and accentuate his/her potential to be superb in their domains and life.

This ‘Super Father – Son Duo’ is now radiating the revolutionary and scientific paradigm of ‘being Super Human’ as a movement across various nations.