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Milestones in Metal: She Needs Silver Jewellery Sets a New Standard in Madinaguda

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], November 27: In a glittering affair that brought together glamour and tradition, She Needs, a reputed brand in 1-gram jewellery, celebrated the grand launch of its exclusive Silver Jewellery store at Madinaguda, Hyderabad. The event was graced by the presence of renowned Indian actress Meenakshi Chaudhary, adding a touch of star-studded elegance […]

17-yr-old TIGP Queen Sandhya Sattanathan is the 1st Indian to win the crown of Teen International World 2023 in USA

New Delhi (India), November 27: In a dazzling culmination of poise, grace, and unwavering determination, Sandhya Sattanathan has etched her name in history as the first Indian to clinch the prestigious Teen International World crown. The glittering event, held in Florida, USA, unfolded as a coronation of this hardworking and dedicated teenager not just a pageant […]

Tellerzone by Sеlеadmg Digital Solution, Astrological Canvas: Painting Success Among the Stars

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 25: Astrology, a collеction of divinatory practicеs, has travеrsеd thе annals of human history, rеcognizеd as psеudosciеntific sincе thе 18th cеntury. Claiming insight into human affairs and еarthly еvеnts, astrology hingеs on thе study of cеlеstial objеct positions. Culturеs worldwidе, dating back to at lеast thе 2nd millеnnium BCE, intеgratеd astrology into […]

Nature’s Remedies: LOIRE WELLNESS Unveils Groundbreaking Wellness Solutions

New Delhi (India), November 24: Leading the charge in the natural healing domain, Loire Pharmaceuticals LLP introduces a paradigm shift in wellness solutions, steering away from conventional pharmaceuticals towards the transformative power of Himalayan herbs and global spices. In a world clamouring for healthier living, LOIRE WELLNESS offers a refreshing perspective deeply rooted in ancient herbal […]

Introducing Pranaasi: A Radiant Fusion of Tradition and Elegance in Fine Jewellery by Prishita Kharbanda

New Delhi (India), November 24: Pranaasi, the brainchild of the talented 23-year-old jewellery designer Prishita Kharbanda, unveils a mesmerizing collection that redefines sophistication in the realm of fine jewellery. Pranaasi specializes in Polki, Diamond, and Gemstone creations, showcasing an exquisite array of designs across categories such as Necklaces, Bangles, Earrings, and Rings. Prishita Kharbanda, the […]

Nitu Joshi Honored With Best Social Worker Award By Mid-Day For Exemplary Contributions To Society

New Delhi (India), November 23: Renowned social activist and Producer Nitu Joshi has been bestowed with the prestigious Best Social Worker Award by Mid-day in recognition of her outstanding dedication to social and environmental causes. Beyond her remarkable achievements in the film industry, Nitu Joshi’s commitment to philanthropy and community welfare has earned her this […]