Businesses in Mumbai, malls in Delhi shut as daily cases spike




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Published : 21. March 2020. 4:35:56 In New Delhi, where 17 cases have been reported so far, Prime Minister Arvind Keyrival has tweeted that because of this situation we will close all shopping centres (with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies and delicatessens). (Express photo: Abhinav Sacha)

The day after the Union government banned all international commercial passenger flights landing in India for a week, the state governments tightened the blockades on Friday to test the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This happened despite the fact that the total number of cases rose to 236 and 63 new cases were confirmed on Friday – the largest daily jump to date.

While Maharashtra, which recorded the highest number of cases, ordered the complete closure – with the exception of basic services – in some cities, including Mumbai and Punu, the Government of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh ordered the closure of all shopping centres. The Government of Haryana State has decided to introduce Article 144 of the CCP, which prohibits the assembly of large groups of people.

Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, Uddhav Tekkerai, ordered all shops and offices in Greater Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwade and Nagpur to be closed between Friday and 31 December. March at midnight and said only basic necessities, including food, milk and medicine, would be allowed. Cases of COVID-19 have been reported in these areas of the state.

According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 52 cases have so far been reported by the State. Tekkerey said that government agencies will work with a 25% share and that banks will continue to work. He ruled out a disruption of public transport in Mumbai, but urged people to stay at home.

In Delhi, where 17 cases have been reported so far, Chief Minister Arvind Keyriwal has tweeted that because of this situation we will close all shopping centres (with the exception of grocery stores, drugstores and greengrocers located there).

The government has also decided to discontinue the provision of non-essential services until the end of March, after which the situation will be reviewed. All employees who are not absolutely necessary are sent from home to work.

The Confederation of All Indian Traders (CAIT) has announced that several markets will be closed for three days from Saturday. On Sundays the Delhi Metro is also closed for one day.

In the state of Haryana, the government has instructed the district authorities to enforce Article 144 of the KUZK, which prohibits the assembly of 20 or more persons. However, the movement of persons by public transport (train, bus, etc.) or any other type of transport may be duly taken into account, particularly in the case of emergency medical aid, the report states.

In Uttar Pradesh, where 23 cases were reported, the Chief Minister of Yoga, Adityanat, ordered the closure of all shopping malls and ordered officials to clean up the cities of Lucknow, Neuida and Kanpur. The basic provision remains open.

Previously, Lucknow County Council had ordered all bars, cafes/salons, hairdressers, beauty salons and snack bars to be closed by 31 December 2009 at the latest. March will be closed.

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