Bundesliga to use five substitutions, confirmed relegation

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Update : 14. May 2020 20:59:36

https://indianexpress.com/wp-content/plugins/lazy-load/images/1x1.trans.gif The Bundesliga will be resumed on Saturday. (source: photo file)

Bundesliga teams are entitled to a maximum of five substitutions per game if they resume play on Saturday after the coronavirus has been stopped and the teams are relegated to the league once the season is over, the German Soccer League (DFL) said on Thursday.

Short-term changes in the location of the season are also allowed if necessary for health reasons, and the season will end after the extended end date of June and, if necessary, continue until July, the LFR announced after the General Assembly.

The Bundesliga will be the first major European league to resume its activities after a two-month interruption due to the COWID 19 pandemic. Second level 2. The Bundesliga is also about to start.

All parties take place behind closed doors and progress is closely monitored throughout Europe.

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Doubts have already arisen after the whole team of the second division of Dinamo in Dresden was quarantined by the local health authorities after two positive tests, which had to postpone the first two games to a later date.

But when three players tested positive in Cologne, only those affected were isolated. Under German law, the final decision in such cases is taken by the local health authorities.

The IFAB football committee decided earlier this month that the teams could make five transitional replacements instead of the usual three, but said the final decision lay with the organizer of the game.

The DFL was the first premier league to make changes that would help the teams deal with bar overload as they rushed to the end of the season.

The FFL has stated that all but one of its 36 members voted to maintain their relegation to the league.

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(The Meeting) unanimously confirmed, with one abstention, its intention to complete the current 2019/20 season in its entirety, including downgrades where legally possible, and, if necessary, after the 30th anniversary of the 2019/20 season. June to July, she says.

No decision has yet been made on what will happen if the season has to be given up for health reasons.

Just in case… The season is expected to end prematurely, with a sports classification scheme to be developed within the next two weeks, he says.

The chairs can be swapped if a local lightning bolt makes a game impractical. It will be possible to hold the match in another stadium as soon as possible for the most important legal, organisational and/or safety reasons, according to the FLN.

Bayern Munich, striving for an eighth consecutive title, is currently at the top with 55 points from 25 matches, four points higher than Dortmund’s Borussia Dortmund and 50 points higher than Leipzig’s RB. There are nine laps to go.

Werder Bremen and Paderborn are in the dropzone, while Fortuna Düsseldorf is in 16th place, the position of the team with the most influence in qualifying.

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