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Today’s digital version shows a picture of blood. The current outbreak of the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus could change the film landscape forever: Several studios are currently broadcasting or discussing the latest films on digital and on-demand platforms, so that viewers can watch these new films in the comfort of their homes while they lock themselves away. The latest film is a Vin Diesel Bloodshot comic, which, unlike the other first releases, will be available from today, the 24th anniversary of the film release. Mars, is available for purchase and rental.

With this VOD version, anyone can own a Bloodshot after paying $19.99 instead of just paying for a 48-hour lease. This shorter rental period is achieved by the new editions of the Invisible Man, Hunt, Emma and the upcoming children’s cartoon Troll : All over the world. Bloody Shooting is thus in keeping with films like Birds of Prey and Gentlemen – films that have been in cinemas for a long time, but which have evolved their digital home version in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

POWERFUL : The results of the Vin Diesel blood tests will be published in digital form earlier than expected on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Bloodshot was shown on the big screen in the first weekend, when the national receipts dropped to the lowest level in 20 years due to the disruptions of COVID-19. So far, the film has only brought the world $24.2 million out of a budget of $45 million. Sony Pictures had already made a statement in which it explained its decision to release the film for digital platforms so soon.

Sony Pictures is strongly committed to the theatre exhibition and we support the showcases. This is a unique and extremely rare circumstance when theatres across the country had to be closed for the common good and suddenly blood was no longer available in any environment. Now the viewers can do a blood test right away and look at home, where we can all spend more time. We are sure that the cinemas – like other companies that have been seriously affected by the virus – will rebound, and we will support them in doing so.

With cinemas around the world having to close doors and remove shutters in the name of public health and safety, the transition to home release has been quite extensive in a very short time. As a result, Bloodshot will now be available for purchase in a digital version, although it is not yet known when Blu-ray and DVD copies will follow.

For those who don’t know: Bloodshot is based on the bestseller of the same name, Valiant. Diesel Star Vin like Ray Garrison, a soldier who was recently killed in action and came back to life as a Bloody Shot superhero of the RST Corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in its veins, it is an unstoppable force – stronger than ever and capable of immediate healing. But by controlling his body, society has also shaken his mind and his memories. Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not… …but he’s on a mission to find out.

The film was shot by David S. F. Wilson in his first feature film and is based on Jeff Wadlow’s and Eric Heisser’s scenario with the plot Wadlow. Besides Diesel, the film stars are Aiza Gonzalez, Sam Hugan, Toby Kebbell and Guy Pierce. A Hollywood reporter told us.

The stakes: Bloody photo

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