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May 20: According to DR.SAHIL KADARI, CEO/CMD/Founder of Block Beats Company, blockchain represents the future of the next generation and one of the best investment prospects of our time. He is still investigating the applications and development potential of blockchain technology. He has also received several honours, including the Nelson Mandela Award, Indian Iconic Business Award, and Indian Glory Award, to mention a few. He also has the distinction of being India’s youngest PhD in Blockchain technology. He established Block Beats. Block Beats Company Now Launching BITICA BlockChain World Wide On 14th January, 2022, which is registered in Estonia, the first jurisdiction to legalise cryptocurrency. Numerous coins and tokens have been established since then. As a BDCC coin replacement, these are commonly referred to as bitcoins. Hello jackpot is Bitica coin base world 1st transparency gaming globally worldwide launching Date: 25/05/2022

Block Beats Company now present World most famous Block chain base lottery gaming project website

Project website:


“Blockchain Lottery Platform transforming Lottery Industry Bringing fairness to the lottery ecosystem.”

The lottery is a type of gambling which involves the drawing of specific numbers to win the large prizes. Many people consider it as a gaming product, but it is a high volume industry which can also be called as a commodity.

One of the lottery directors said, “Lotteries are different from any other gaming product. Lottery players risk a small amount of money against very long odds to win a large prize, with the net proceeds going to the public good.”

The lottery industry keeps a 29% share of the entire global gambling revenue.

Increased from $187.1 billion in 2004 to $284.3 billion in 2014, the global lottery represented an annual growth rate of 4.3% over ten years.

Block Beats company Now launching World 1st time BiticaBlcok chain technology base lottery gaming project HELLO JACKPOT Date – 25/05/2022

Main Crypto currency

  • USDT (TRC)
  • BNB
  • TRON (TRX)

Hello Jackpot launching 5 Different Types of Biggest gaming projects Round

  1. SUPER $10 JACKPOT Minimum Entry 10$ or Multiple of $10 Every 1 Hours Draw a Total 24 Draw in 24 hours
  2. SUPER $20 JACKPOT Minimum Entry 20$ or Multiple of $20 Every 6 Hours 1 Draw Total 4 Draw in 24 hours
  3. SUPER $50 JACKPOT Minimum Entry 50$ or Multiple of $50 Every 24 hours 1 Draw
  4. SUPER $100 JACKPOT Minimum Entry 100$ or Multiple of $100 Every 7 Days 1 Draw Weekly 1 Draw
  5. SUPER $250 JACKPOT (Minimum Entry 250$ or Multiple of $250) Every 30 Days 1 Draw Monthly 1 Draw

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