New Delhi, August 25: Nowadays, in the competitive market, there is a hustle of many brands. Each brand is trying to make its mark by providing something special and unique. But the fact that attracts the consumer nowadays in the market is that the products or the services should be affordable and available easily. Especially in the clothing section, people do want to try sustainable products at affordable prices. Befykar is such a brand that keeps in mind the needs of the consumers and functions accordingly. Befykar, led by the Founder Abhishek Teri and the Co-Founder Shuvra Kumar Podder, is a Kolkata-based company. The company’s main aim is to give an option of an affordable garment to a wide section of people.

The backbone of any company lies in the people involved in the venture. Abhishek always wanted to create his own business as he hailed from a business family. He was also deeply inclined to the situation of unemployment in the country and wanted to add to society by generating employment. As a result, Befykar is also assisting in the creation of jobs.

Shuvra and Abhishek decided to get into e-commerce. It was a very new venture for Shuvra as he was a Company Secretary (CS), and coming into this venture would have him take a slightly unconventional path. Abhishek was from Business Process Outsourcing Background, so; it was comparatively easier for him. If we talk about why people would choose Befykar because of its affordable range and the quality of material that people would connect with? This venture’s primary target audience consists of children ranging in age from four to forty years. While we know more about the brand, let us understand why the brand’s name is “Befykar”. It is because it tells the people to shop in a tension-free manner from this shop. Befykar is famous for several other facilities like the delivery of products in a short period. It delivers products across India. Customization is the new trend in today’s generation. Thus Befykar provides products and dresses that are unique and also can be customized. Mainly this venture focuses on cost-effectiveness so that people can easily buy from this venture.

According to a report by IBEF, the Indian eCommerce market is expected to reach $200Billion by 2027 from $38.5 billion in 2017, and the number of online shoppers may reach 220 million by 2025.   Thus, the growth of online shopping platforms is massive, and the business can surely utilize them.

For any new venture to function well, it does take time but, Befykar has been doing well as it has not only got orders from Tier I cities, but also Tier III Cities are highly involved in getting orders. Currently, Befykar is functioning just on the B2C model but will open a B2B model very soon. Befykar is becoming quite common amongst the people now, and when it was asked to the owners and co-owners what the plans regarding Befykar were, they said that “We are projecting revenue of Rs 90 crores by March 2024 and 150 crores by the end of March 2025. B2B business is also quite common in India. When asked whether the company owners would be interested in joining B2B sales, they said if things go right, they would be thinking of opening a B2B platform very soon. Several well-known brands in the market, such as and the Soaled Store, are doing exceptionally well. The initial investment for start-ups is a thing to invest in and is a tedious job. The investment for this venture is around Rs. 1.20 CRORES, most of the amount is invested in building the manufacturing, printing unit, and marketing team. Abhishek says, “We are looking to scale the B2B market and add more categories at the cheapest cost available and giving the best quality available”.

Thus, Befykar is one-of-a-kind ventures which is functioning on different motives. Starting from catering to a wide range of sections from the age group of seven to forty it not only looks for fresh and sustainable clothing styles but also looks for customization when it comes to shirts, t-shirts, and tees. Befykar is one of the most used and the go-to style for the youngsters, and thus this special product is given a lot of importance over the other products. Moreover, the company ensures that the quality of the material you buy is up to the mark and not only that the cost is also kept such that can make the clothing affordable. So, if you want to shop for casuals and trendy clothes you be Befykar and shop in Befykar.

About Befykar:

Befykar is an e-commerce based online shopping platform that represents the spontaneity of fashion choices. With unique and original designs and a series of products in terms of fashion and accessories, they look forward to designing our products with the latest trends. As a brand, they focus on creating products that reflect the style, choice, and personality of the youngsters. Everything they produce and create; no matter what they introduce to you, their main goal is to ensure that you can pamper yourself.