Austin Hooper Reveals Why he Chose the Browns in Free Agency





Austin Hooper.

Cleveland Brownes landed a big fish at an independent agency and earlier added Atlanta Falcons tightener Austin Hooper to the NFL’s richest deal.

While money (four years, $42 million) was undoubtedly tempting for Hooper, first choice in the third round showed reporters in a conference call that quarterback Baker Mayfield had played an important role in why he came to Cleveland.

Hooper remembers a game in which the 2018 Brownes, while Mayfield was a rookie, made the most of their former Falcon formation. Winner Heisman did 17 of the 20 attempts of 216 meters with three touchdowns.

Without a doubt, being in a position depending on getting balls from the quarterback was part of the process for me, Hooper said, according to Mary Kay Cabot of Playing live against Baker Mayfield, seeing his hand and his competitive spirit, and the way he gathered the guys around him, betrayed me to him before I clearly became a free agent.

That was two years ago, when we first came to Cleveland. I knew what he was talking about for a few years, and when the first day of legal intervention came, I couldn’t give up.

Austin Hooper ready for prosperity in Brown’s Attack

Austin Hooper

Getty Austin Hooper #81 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Last season, Hooper expanded his career with 75 shots, 787 received yards and six touchdowns, despite playing 13 games.

Brownes’ new head coach, Kevin Stefanski, was previously Minnesota Viking’s attack coordinator, often using two narrow ends. Stefanski’s attack used 12 people in the league – according to statistics and ESPN information, 57% of the photos. With Hooper and former first round pickup David Njoku, the Brownes have two first class stilettos in position.

I’m a professional in a small circle. This causes problems with colleagues, Hooper said. Each NFL defense uses nickel, which amounts to five dB per field. If you have 12 on the field and they win five times, the general rule is that they don’t have enough big boys to compete, so you run with the ball. As they get bigger, usually less athletic than the angle of the slot, you throw the ball and you have more advantage in passing. … it’s a kind of historical advantage 12. It’s a football game – games.

Hooper awaits match against David Njoku

The quarterback of the GettyBrowns, Baker Mayfield, makes a pass at the narrow end of David Njoku.

Hooper’s signature marked Njoku’s presence on the list. Njoku – the 29th general peak in 2017 – has appeared in many trade sounds in this off-season after a wretched campaign. Last year he scored only five goals for 41 meters and one touchdown.

However, the Njoku is a physical specimen with a length of 6 feet, 246 feet and a jumping speed of 4.60 meters. Prior to his year of decline, Njoku made 56 strikes at 639 yards and four touchdowns, showing the potential he has at playing the kick.

Hooper believes that a couple with Njoku will kill the Browns and that they can learn to work together.

When this whole situation is resolved, I’ll know David a lot better, Hooper said. I will understand my role in the attack much better and see how we can play together and complement each other.

Njooku shared similar feelings after the signature made headlines.

The man-chamon, with whom I would like to compete, twittered Njoik, thinking he wanted to do something more than ever. We’ll push each other and get better together.

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