Anakin Skywalker ‘s name is not mentioned once in Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy

The Skywalker saga, a large-scale epic with nine films over more than four decades, came to an end last year. Disney introduced the fans to the Star Wars sequel trilogy, which begins with the 2015 Awakening Force, continues until 2017 with the Last Jedi, and ends last year with Skywalker’s Ascension. However, in all these films, Anakin Skywalker, perhaps the most important of all Skywalkers, is never mentioned by name.

This is somewhat surprising, especially since the Skywalker climb was charged as much as the completion of the Skywalker marketing saga. But it’s true. Anything. Starting with The Force Awakens, we discover that Darth Vader is still in the show because Kaylo Wren’s grandfather became a kind of inspiration to him after he fell on the dark side. Later in the film Han even mentions to Leah that Kailo, alias Ben Solo, has too many fathers. But no mention of Anakina.

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Maz Kanata also refers to the light-saber Ray finds as Father Lucas, but that’s it. Don’t even mention the name Anakin Skywalker. This trend continues with the last Jedi, when Snowk mentioned the name Father several times, suggesting that Kaylo could become the new Father. But only Father. Maybe the biggest missed opportunity is when Luke and Ray disagree and Ray points out that Father has been bought out. Maybe she could have mentioned Anakin as part of the rescue, or Lucas could have answered with his father’s real name. But they didn’t.

Father is also present at the Skywalker uprising, but the important thing is that Palpatine is back. Palpatine is largely responsible for Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader. He’s the one who took the so-called Chosen One and threw him to the dark side. Palpatine could probably use Anakin’s name. Or he could have been used by someone who talked to him. Another important point in this film is that Hayden Christensen does a voice camera at the end when all the Jedi talk to Ray and say it.

Beam. Restore the balance, Ray, just like I did. The power’s all around you, Ray. Let him come and get you.

Anakin Skywalker began as the little boy on Tattooine in the film The Phantom Menace, which was considered the chosen one to balance the Force. Luke and Leah’s father. The man who became Darth Vader. But the name doesn’t fall within the group of three films that are thematically strongly connected to it either. Of course, the Star Wars episodes gave us a lot to tell, for better or worse, so it was easy to go unnoticed. Screen Rant already reported it.

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