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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], March 9: Every year in the first quarter, lakhs of parents eagerly take a look at the front page of the daily newspaper to check the JEE and NEET rank holders just to visualize their child’s name and photo against a single digit AIR. Then comes the phase of looking for that perfect coaching institute for that dream rank to get admitted into India’s top educational institutions. Nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, but to increase the chances of success, both parents and students should be well aware of what battle they are going to fight and are well equipped for the same.

To address the same and provide effective career guidance, Pune based “Neuflex Talent Solutions” ( ) has come up with “SeniorGestalt” test to cater to the needs of class 11th /12th students to tackle competitive exams and also offers parental suggestions specific to their child. SeniorGestalt is a novel, AI-driven and Applied Psychology based personalized Career Development model. Since its inception in 2016, 12000+ students pan-India as well as Singapore, the USA, Canada, and Germany have received good guidance using this AI-based, US Patent pending technology. Many of them have landed themselves in IITs, NITs and top medical colleges.

You can take this unique, cloud-based online 35 min quick personality test from the comfort of your home.  Upon its completion, the candidate will receive a detailed self-explanatory personalized 22-page report with graphical representations of the results followed by an optional counselling session conducted by Dr Bhooshan Kelkar, who has professional experience of more than 25 years and Madhura Kelkar, who has an MA in Psychology. Dr Bhooshan is a BTech (IIT Bombay), PhD in AI from the UK and has worked in IBM USA/India for 13 years, is an “IBM Master Inventor” and is an inventor of 23 granted US patents in multiple technologies. This unique combination of technical and psychological expertise has effectively catered to the needs of multiple students.

SeniorGestalt provides you with a viable solution to some of the common but pressing questions both from a parental and student perspective, such as “I study well still I am not able to score well why?”, “My child teaches or helps his friends with exams but scores lesser than his friends. What could be the reason?”

The Gestalt test measures 21 (!) personality characteristics using Jungian typology, learning styles – visual auditory or kinesthetic, creativity in innovation and the balance between divergent and convergent thinking of the individual, resilience- an essential parameter to deal with various challenges a person has to face, reasoning and verbal ability, , the ease with MCQs with negative marking, and various anxiety parameters in a student, memory test -both short term and long term to curate a personalized revision plan. The report is a holistic one. It showcases the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and suggestions to improve them.

Knowledge acquisition, retention and representation are highly influenced by an individual’s own personality make-up, abilities, feelings and thought patterns. Hence a one size fits all approach wouldn’t augur well. SeniorGestalt assesses multiple aspects scientifically and hence can identify the obstruction in the overall process of learning.

Based on the above-measured 21 parameters, the top 5 personalized study skills are suggested out of a total of 26 possible! It also suggests personalized revision schedules and also examination tricks suitable for the candidate. Results have shown that several learners have witnessed up to 10% improvement in their academics simply by using appropriate study skills.

A customized JEE/CET and NEET specific study pattern is also provided, which separately deals with each vertical of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology. This has helped students effectively allocate time and channel their energy in the required direction to reap the maximum benefits of their efforts. For JEE/CET and NEET success, psychological readiness is at least an important component. “Neuflex Talent” defines the following mantras: JEE Success = (P+C+M) * Psychological Readiness and NEET Success = (P+C+B) * Psychological Readiness!

As they say: “What you don’t measure, you can’t control”, and hence you need to take SeniorGestalt test to have a holistic and scientific measurement of psychological readiness. That would make two years of investment of money/time/sweat in JEE/CET/NEET preparation fruitful and worthwhile!!